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Natural Healing
Catherine Carrigan
atherine Carrigan
, co-presenter of the Natural
Healing Show, is a medical intuitive healer, Amazon
Number 1 bestselling author of books like The
Difference Between Pain & Suffering and Banish the Blues
Now, as well as a long-time yoga and qi gong teacher.
Catherine has 24 years' full-time experience in
natural healing working with clients in Atlanta, Georgia,
and around the world by phone, Skype and video
conference to achieve a high level of health and happiness.
A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Brown University,
Catherine has studied and taught fitness, nutrition and
natural healing in the U.S., Canada and in the U.K.
r. Robert A. Wei
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His articles are also read in many newspaper columns and magazines.
The Show's large audience is comprised of people in all fields of sports medicine. They range from
Physical therapists[LH1] to PhDs! The show features, "all things sports medicine, fitness & wellness," and
is live weekly. Dr. Bob's guests are a who's who of experts that include local, National and International
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