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Tom Holland takes the title role, aka Peter Parker, in this High
School version of the Marvel comic
character. He is a teenager with
shy eyes on his own Homecoming
Queen... His Uncle, `Iron Man', is
played by Robert Downey Junior.
His nemesis `Vulture' is played by
Michael Keaton. The screenplay
has a team of writers and a single
director: Jon Watts. The result
is a commercially successful
blockbuster that is good entertainment, well acted, well
produced, yet somewhere short of great.
This beats Spiderman for me, even though it
springs from the same suspect heritage - kids'
comics. In the title role, Gal Gadot plays an
Amazon Princess Diana, who always looks
gorgeous but has been trained to be tougher
than old boots and more
than a match for anyone, any time. The
production has its share of embarrassing pseudo-
philosophical dialogue, on both pacifism and feminism, but
there is also some delightful cinematography and lots of
unusual lighting. The villains are marvellous
(no pun intended!) and Chris Pine is excellent
as the American pilot/hero who tries to take
Wonder Woman under his wing. Directed
by Patty Jenkins, with virtually no Unity of
either time or place, nevertheless it is huge
fun throughout, long but never dull and well
worth seeing!