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by Reg Starkey
Written and directed by Edgar Wright, with music by Steven
Price, this is non-stop excitement, at a relentlessly intense pace. Ansel
Elgort plays the title role with cool quiet charm. Lily James provides
the love interest. Kevin Spacey is the cold criminal mastermind who
still believes in honour among thieves. Jon Hamm, famous for his
leading role in Mad Men, is
convincing as a hard man gone
bad. For maximum enjoyment, you simply need
to suspend disbelief right from the start, enjoy the speed and
the soundtrack and just go along for the ride. You still may find
it an exhausting experience!
Here we find Isabelle Huppert,
sensational star of `Elle', now playing
a very ordinary French factory
worker called Lilianne but a factory
worker with an unusual past. 30
years ago, we discover, Lilianne
represented her country with a song in the Eurovision Song
Contest a contender, not a winner. But it created a celebrity of sorts.
Lilianne was once nearly-famous `as seen on TV'! Now she is reduced to
the mind-numbing repetitive tedium of decorating Pate on a production
line, day after day. Enter a young co-worker, with dreams of being a boxer,
whose father was/is a fan of the singer Lilianne and whose mother isn't
happy about his attraction to her. The son recognises her and persuades
her to try a return to Show Business. Their Spring: Autumn affair perhaps
is doomed to failure, like Liliane's shaky Comeback. But their wishful
thinking is understandable and pleasantly light though bitter-sweet. Definitely not `Nul Points' this
time around.