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Winner of Best Foreig
n Film at the recent A
cademy Awards, the I
ranian Writer/
Director Ashgar Farhadi chose not t
o attend in protest against the new US P
attempts to ban all visit
ors from Iran. The London M
ayor organised a free out
screening in Trafalgar S
quare in solidarity
with more liberal attitudes
. So much for
the back story! The film itself is c
un-American a slice of c
life in Tehran today. The her
o and heroine
are actors, whose r
ehearsals for an
Arthur Miller play `Dea
th of a Salesman',
are disturbed by their need t
o move flats
while the new cracks in their block ar
made safe. A friend pro
vides them with
a flat previously used b
y a prostitute and her child
. A former customer
rings her bell, is let in b
y mistake, takes the ser
vice he used to pay for and then disappears
. The scene is set for
resolution or revenge
. The plot thickens and thickens
Image: f
Very French, very stylish and totally devoid of a traditional
moral compass, this seeks the permission of Black Comedy to
explore a different take on rape and revenge. Isabelle Huppert is
cast as the unlovable CEO of a dubious online gaming company
where violence against women is excused by technical innovation
and `creativity'. Her unsympathetic character is explained by being
the child of a mass
murderer, in prison for
most of her life to date
and of course, she does
not deserve her fate.
Certainly not la vie en