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Inspired by Julian Barnes's Man Booker Prize-
winning novel, the screenplay is written by Nick
Payne and directed by Ritesh Batra. Jim Broadbent
stars as the male lead and Charlotte Rampling and
Harriet Walker both shine in the female leads. Here
are veterans returning to similar minefields as `45 Years' but unlike
that treatment, younger actors play their younger
selves. There is a lot of middle-class angst
throughout and dark existential questions, none
of which is answered. The pace is slow but not as
slow as '45 Years' and the result will make you sigh
if you lived through 60s and think, if you didn't.
Written by Gaby Chiappe and directed by Lone Sherfig, this is a film
within a film and very entertaining it is too. Gemma Arterton is excellent
as the Welsh woman scriptwriter in an English men's world. Her bright
but bitter senior co-writer played Sam Claflin provides the love interest.
Bill Nighy hams it up wonderfully as the fading matinee idol, similar
to Mindhorn, whose best
days are behind him. Set
in London in 1940 and
on location in Devon,
it is beautifully staged,
frequently ironic and
occasionally very poignant. Well
worth the ticket price unless you've
pledged never to see another war film,
however atypical.