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TSet in Pittsburgh in the 1950s
, this is based on an or
iginal play in which D
Washington and Viola Da
vis have played the leading
roles together for sever
al years.
Now Denzel Washington is
directing them and the film, and cr
eating an opportunity
for Viola Davis to win the A
cademy Award
for Best Supporting A
ctress, in the
process. There is no doubt it is po
stuff, with colourful per
formances. But it
is also very melodrama
tic and theatrical,
with too few light momen
ts and lots of
the angst that you migh
t expect in a
play by Tennessee Williams
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LION ***
This is the first feature film directed by Garth Davis and tells
a story inspired by the truth. Five year old Saroo, brilliantly played by
Sunny Pawar, gets separated from his older brother in a city, miles from
home, gets lost and is eventually `adopted' by well-meaning Australians.
Nicole Kidman plays his adoptive mother with credible conviction. Dev
Patel plays the grown-up survivor Saroo with great intensity. 25 years
later he is reunited with
his birth mother. To my
ears, the sound-track is
grandiose and oppressive
over a disturbing story of
a continent where 80,000
children go missing every
year. At least this one has a
happy ending!