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by Reg Starkey
This is a very edgy social slice of life (and death!) written and
directed by Jordan Peele his first ever feature film direction. Ugandan
actor Daniel Kaluuya plays an African-American photographer in a metro
sexual relationship with a middle
class young white woman, who
invites him away for the weekend
to "meet the parents." He asks if
she has told them he's black.
"No, why should I?" So far, so liberal but
things are not what they seem. This is a Psycho-style
thriller, with sinister racial overtones - very disturbing
but great escapism, too.
Possibly overrated by the critics, this is a powerful but ultimately
depressing story of one man's life that went wrong long ago, when
alcohol affected his judgment, with truly tragic consequences. Casey
Affleck plays the wounded, thin-skinned anti-hero, who would rather
fight men than enjoy women and who is now named as the unwilling
guardian to his teenage nephew on
the premature death of his older
brother. Now back at the scene of
the original tragedy, unresolved
loss and grief drive him to
learn nothing useful from past
experience, repeating into early middle age the
self-harming habits of his youth.