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amazing how much has changed in just ten years. All
credit to the pioneering small producers who have
followed their dreams to create wonderful freefrom
foods to the supermarkets who have backed
them and to the FreeFrom Food Awards who have
encouraged and celebrated them!'
Other winners included Rana's Artisan Bakery,
BoojaBooja, Evexia Thrive pasta, Rule of Crumb from
Northern Ireland, Bellfield Brewery and the West
Cornwall Pasty Company, with Tesco winning Retailer
of the Year for the third year running. In celebration of
the Awards 10th Anniversary Clare Marriage of Doves
Farm Foods was crowned as the Awards' FreeFrom
Superhero for the enormous contribution that the
Doves Farm flours and foods have made to the
freefrom industry over the last ten years.
Aside from the awards Michelle's passion
to educate people started with a newsletter about
food intolerance and food allergy for members of the
public and also the medical profession. Over time this
has evolved and is now a website (Foodsmatter) with
1000's of pages and over a million unique visitors a
year covering many different health conditions
including `proper' allergies as well as intolerances that
are not life threatening but still very serious.
All the information found at foodsmatters.
com has not been written by doctors so should
not be viewed as advice but a valuable reference
to information that can then be discussed with a
medical professional. Michelle believes that as we
still understand so little about why food intolerances
exist, where they come from, what causes them and
why our bodies react the way they do that different
approaches and theories should be considered,
not just the mainstream ideas. Taking into account
modern living, pollution, the way in which we live our
lives, and the significant changes in food, agriculture
and food processing it's vital we look at the bigger
picture and develop a personalised approach to
managing our own health.
Michelle and her team have branched out
further as the FreeFrom world continues to grow.
They also run the FreeFromEating Out Awards and
the FreeFrom Skincare Awards, which alongside the
FreeFrom Food Awards are inspiring, informative and
invaluable resources.
To listen to this interview in full and hear some of the
winners share their story visit The Food Teacher on
About the Author:
Food Teacher, Katharine
Tate, has worked as a
teacher and education
consultant internationally
in primary and secondary
schools for over 20 years.
Qualified as a registered
nutritional therapist,
Katharine, combines her
unique education and
nutrition expertise to offer
schools, organisations and families advice, education
programmes, practical workshops, and individual/
family clinical consultations. Katharine also presents
The Food Teacher show on UK Health Radio where
she discusses the importance of food for health and
for Primary Schools'. Look out for The Food Teacher
at Food Festivals and events throughout the country
during 2017.