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Business Health &
Emotional Wealth - The Easy Way!!
Your high performance thinking for high performance
success with Paul Rees
aul Rees - International Executive Business &
Personal Coach, Radio Presenter, Author and
Television and owner of Accolade Academy
Paul's unique style of
executive business,
personal coaching
and article writing has
had recognition and
made publication
all over the world,
influencing a change
and understanding
to the emotional
intelligence and
growth to the success
of entrepreneurs,
career minded individuals and the personal success
for countless globally. Paul has coached many of
the most successful recognised entrepreneurs
internationally and believes success is common
in us all, and carries the same potential for all. His
proven Emotion-Ego-Thought-Action coaching
programmes have been in practice for over ten years,
with Paul personally coaching each and every client
to success from: USA: Massachusetts, Philadelphia,
Rochester, Ohio, Austin, Houston, Denver, Phoenix,
Los Angeles, Virginia Beach, College Charleston-
South Carolina. Canada: Calgary, Surrey, Penticton.
Austria: Vienna
Short show description:
What's your success holdback? What favoured
excuse do you justify for your shortfalls to your
business and personal life success?
I'm Paul Rees your international executive
business and personal career coach, and welcome to
your series of think tank investment radio shows that
will change how you think your productive future
and manage the natural unlimited possibilities to
your business and personal life success for ever.
This is no gimmick or another universal
attracting exercise. My listening coaching
programmes will introduce to you a new power
clean thinking process never realised or expected
within your potential ever!
Each think tank investment radio show will
explore and help you realise how your day to day
organic emotional influences chatter into your
productive thought process and promote your
profit depleting doubts, that then in turn sabotage
your talent to profit ratio within your business
and personal aspirational goals. Be clear here,
your emotions influence every thought, action
and decision you make in your corporate day, and
there is no hiding from this natural process. You
will learn how it is your natural inherited emotional
triggers and traits from your personal life direct the
success of your corporate and career life positively
or negatively and re-affirm a new power clean
thinking process to success forever.
Let's remember always "Emotions are your value
and value is your business!!"