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n his exclusive interview with Kidney
Contenders, Steve Amos shares both his
professional and personal views & expresses
on the benefits of communicating health
How does HealthCode translate preventative
care for the average, private citizen, nationally
and internationally?
Today's sedentary life styles and poor diets
are literally killing us. HealthCode's mission is to
empower people to live healthier, happier lives free
from preventable diseases. HealthCode's programs
encourage people to be physically active, eat smart
and establish positive communities of support.
Is outreach accessible for every person,
nationally and internationally?
HealthCode's programs are accessible globally, plus
no fees are required. Just connect to the Internet for
program access and get active in the real world. We've
seen adults do care about their health, their family and
friends, but sometimes lack tools and support. Sadly,
in our society we often see a huge disconnect between
mind and body and comprehending the importance
of loving one's self worth.
Healthcode's website powers additional
affiliations under its umbrella. What are some of
these other affiliations?
Participants from Million Mile Month (MMM)
requested quarterly events to encourage physical
activity, not just for themselves but for their
communities. Social outreach, person-to-person
communicating their interest of the well-being of their
colleagues, friends, neighbours, etc. This July MMM
has "triathlon in a month (https://millionmilemonth.
org/events)" where participants can create their own
mileage for the month of July. Registration is open to
local, regional and global participants. The point is
to encourage people to set their own goals with their
physical activities. HealthCode provides quarterly
activity events to encourage everyone to get up and
move, including families, colleagues at work and
throughout communities. It has been wonderful to see
companies participate around the globe in support of
their employees' health and wellness.
Who are the people HealthCode contends for?
All those who make up our communities
individuals, families, folks at work, organisations,
companies everyone! Because everyone should
experience the benefits of a healthier, happier life.
"Real Life Connection"
Q & A with Executive Director of HealthCode, Steve Amos