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The Patient
A Monthly Healthcare Advocacy Editorial by Joni
Aldrich, Christopher Jerry, and Graham Whiteside
e're blessed in this day and age to have
remarkable physicians, specialists,
researchers, nurses, and pharmacists
to get us through a healthcare crisis. At the Emily
Jerry Foundation, we believe that the majority of
preventable medical errors are because of the human
error component of medicine, or because of systems,
processes and protocols that are either flawed or for
some tragic reason fail. Medical clinicians spend a
significant part of their life studying to save lives and
improve the human health condition. It is a heavy
That's not to say that every clinician is perfect.
Healthcare is just like any profession; there are good
practitioners and not-so-good practitioners. But there is
no "G-O-D" in doctor. There are patients who believe that
their doctor can do no wrong just because they have a
medical degree. Consider the true story of an oncologist
from Michigan who confessed to intentionally
misdiagnosing five hundred and fifty-three patients
who didn't really have cancer. Why didn't the patients
stand up to this greedy fraud...who, by the way, looks
like a normal, caring physician whom you might trust?
The reports say that he "bullied and browbeat" his
"Above all, I must not play at God."
~ Hippocratic Oath
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