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Meet the Te
The Therapy
Duncan Ellison
uncan Ellison is a broadcaster, writer and
counsellor and will be joining the UK health
Radio presenter line up very soon with a
brand new programme called The Therapy Suite
which will take a positive look at mental health and
wellbeing. Duncan comments "UK Health Radio is
the perfect station to launch a new show and I am
really excited to be joining the team."
No stranger to radio, Duncan has presented
talk based programmes on a variety of stations
across the UK and continued "I have wanted to
create a programme specifically with a mental
health focus for a while and it feels right. People
are much more comfortable chatting about mental
health and this can only be a good thing. Ten years
ago, the thought of a member of the Royal Family
discussing their therapy was incomprehensible.
But Prince Harry normalised this with his recent
interview in the UK press."
Duncan's own mental health journey
started 10 years ago following a brief hospital stay.
"I collapsed on the way to work and the next three
months were a blur. I was incredibly exhausted, I
couldn't function - even with the smallest tasks.
Eventually I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue
Syndrome and Fybromyalgia. Looking back I had
a complete nervous breakdown but it took a long
time - many years in-fact to recognise that." In
an effort to expand his own knowledge Duncan
returned to college and enrolled on an advanced
diploma counselling course.
"I was really nervous, I didn't know what to
expect but the class soon developed a deep bond,
we all just connected. For the first time I was able to
explore my own feelings and experiences openly, it
was incredibly empowering. For me I had the best
bunch of therapists with me on my journey and
each week was like a personal counselling session."
Even though he is a trained counsellor, Duncan is
not impervious to mental stresses. "It has taken me
a long time for me begin to make sense of my own
thoughts. He continues "I knew I wasn't depressed
but I couldn't figure out what I was feeling, it is
only now that I recognise it as anxiety. Something
as simple as collecting my son from school can be
hard; the noise, the traffic and the energy can be
overwhelming. Until recently I kept it to myself. I
didn't even tell my wife, although I have no-doubt
she knew. She is also a qualified counsellor but she
didn't push it until I was ready myself."
With a positive outlook, The Therapy Suite
is sure to be a popular programme and Duncan is
looking forward connecting with the UK Health
Radio listeners.