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by Lyn Halvorsen
Better the Whole World
Against Me Than My Soul:
by Wolfgang Sonnenburg
Wolfgang Sonnenburg has written a powerful
book which is both worldly and wise. By describing
how he embarked on his own unique journey of self-
discovery he shows us how we can follow our own path
to change our lives beyond our wildest expectations.
Formerly a successful corporate lawyer,
Wolfgang Sonnenburg turned his back on conventional
practice and let go of the many demands associated
with the challenges of his working life. He realised that
high pressured living and materialistic advantages didn't
always give him the happiness and contentment he was
seeking. In his book `Better the World Against Me Than
My Soul' Wolfgang introduces us to the inspiring people
he met on his journey, and with examples of scientific
and literary research, he shows us how he found the
balance between financial reward and emotional and
spiritual well-being, and became the compassionate
and wise man he is today.
When you read this book, you may find yourself
having a `light bulb' moment; Wolfgang uses a simple
analogy about apples and pears to describe differences
between us; imaging each of us corresponding to a fruit,
he urges us not to force ourselves to be an unhappy
`apple' when we were born as a `pear'. Each `fruit' in the
`fruit bowl' has its own character and wishes and desires,
and whilst some change is good, he encourages us to
follow our own particular destiny, for an `apple' will never
be happy being forced to be a `pear'.
Throughout this book Wolfgang gives us many useful
insights; there are sections on meditation, how to
achieve happiness, and how to balance work and family
life, to name just a few. There are also work sheets
recommended to use alongside practical exercises in the
book, and these are available
to download.
Wolfgang now works as a
successful entrepreneur,
speaker and mentor, and
is the initiator of The
Winspiration Association.
Wolfgang will guide you
on a path to peace and
enlightenment, and
to use his best loved
phrase, `The Best is Yet
to Come.'