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2. Listen more, talk less - people who genuinely
listen to others earn themselves a reputation for
3. Make time to build relationships, even if it's just
20 minutes a day.
4. Avoid gossip and office politics, address conflict
directly and in a professional way
5. Acknowledge your colleagues' work where and
when it's deserved.
6. Develop your emotional intelligence; it
helps you recognise your own emotions and
accurately interpret the messages they are
giving you as well as how you are impacting
others and allowing others to impact you.
7. Establish boundaries. This is especially
important when a colleague's interactions start
impacting your job.
This pertains to taking
responsibility for all words and actions, and keeping
others in mind when speaking and acting. Mindful
staff don't just blurt out whatever is on their mind;
their words are thought through and measured,
having taken many different perspectives into
account before being spoken.
Paula Quinsee is
a Relationship Expert, Tedx
speaker and author of the self-
help guide Embracing Conflict.
Paula is also a consultant to the
TV show `Married at First Sight
SA'. She works with individuals
and organisations to cultivate
healthy relationships in both personal and
professional arenas by focusing on real skills and
personal growth and development. Go to www. for more info.
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