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ou don't build a business you build
people and then people build the
-Zig Ziglar
Having good relationships at work is not just good
for workers, it's good for companies. The well-
established American consulting company, Gallup
says that people are seven times more likely to be
engaged in their jobs if they have a friend at work.
And engaged workers are productive workers.
That's because having good work
relationships satisfies one of our most basic social
needs: to be around other people and to interact
positively with them. Spending time with people
we like at work leads to a greater enjoyment of
what we do which, in turn, means more creativity
and innovation.
Career development is also aided by good
work relationships, as bosses don't promote workers
they don't feel they can trust. And establishing
and maintaining good relations with suppliers,
customers, and key stakeholders within our
organisations also works in our favour, as success
in the modern world is, quite often, a group effort.
Thus, smooth relationships with key participants
in our respective business ecosystems benefit
Good, healthy work relationships are made
up of four main characteristics namely trust,
respect, a welcoming attitude toward diversity,
and mindfulness.
The Importance of Building
Healthy Work Relationships
by Paula Quinsee