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"For this, you went to Oxford?"
n the Mad Men era in the UK, David Bernstein was London's answer
to New York's Don Draper an extraordinarily intelligent, charming
and talented copywriter. A Creative Director, the creative founder
of the The Creative Business. The writer of at least six successful
B2B books and two or three not-so-successful Plays. An advertising
Legend to whom his Jewish grandmother allegedly said:
"For this, you went to Oxford?!"
If you asked him where he lived, he would say "Croydon Oh".
The reason?
Whenever he just said "Croydon" people always said "Oh"!
(Like "Do you live in Brighton?" "No, I live in Hove actually..."!)
David lived in Croydon Oh, not Hove Actually. He was extremely
bright, extremely hard-working, but a man of the people, an Arsenal fan.
Along with Jeremy Bullmore, Sam Rothenstein and Ronnie Kirkwood, he
made an all-time great training film for the Creative Circle called "Risk
and Responsibility". You can still see it on You Tube. It contains an iconic
sequence in which two `suits' politely
destroy an award-winning ad created
in real life by David Ogilvy for Hathaway
Shirts, by being too responsible and
trying to eliminate any risk entirely from
the execution.
David died in his 90th year a
true VoE (VOICE of EXPERIENCE) never a
BOF (Boring Old Fart)!
At the Royal Opera House,
David Bernstein made the Speech at
the launch of my first B2B book for
Millennium: "SAMPLES OF ONE". I will
always be grateful to him for that.
David Bernstein
by Reg Starkey