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s a medical intuitive healer, I empower my
clients to understand why they have been
feeling cold and tired and getting fat for no
obvious reason.
Feeling constantly chilled may be your first sign
that your thyroid function is dropping, but other
common signs include low libido, poor stamina,
memory problems, infertility and fluid retention.
Unexplained fatigue and weight gain are so common
among American women today but few realise
that the prescription drugs they take may
actually be causing their problems.
Many women are not aware that the
birth control pills they take to prevent
pregnancy and the estrogen they
have been prescribed to alleviate
symptoms of perimenopause and
menopause suppress their thyroid
I often refer my clients back to
their medical doctors to discuss these
Here's what medical science has
taught us:
Birth control pills flood
your body with artificial estrogen
and thyroid, thereby suppressing
your own body's production of these
hormones, and increasing the activity
of Thyroid Binding Globulin (TBG),
which binds thyroid hormones and
lowers levels of free thyroid.
Are prescription
making you
Cold, Fat
or Tired?
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