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t was quite disturbing recently to read of Carol
Vorderman's depression while she was going
through the menopause. She spoke to Lorraine
on ITV about the `blackness' she felt, waking up
feeling there was no point in carrying on. Now she
is encouraging people to talk about the menopause
because as she says it's `just a different chapter in
your life'. She sought treatment and soon felt much
better and recommends that bespoke HRT should
be on the NHS. Zoe Ball also spoke out admitting
to an audience at the Leicester Square theatre that
she felt hot, hairy and menopausal.
Far too many women are suffering in silence
and feel confused about whether to use natural
remedies to alleviate their hot flushes, vaginal
dryness and insomnia, or resort to HRT (which can
have side effects and doesn't work for everyone)
or invest in Bio identical hormones, (usually only
prescribed in private practice) A report by The
British Menopause Society found that many women
are too embarrassed to visit a GP and that many are
concerned about the health risks associated with
It's thought that the average age of the
menopause in the UK is 51 years, but from forty,
there can also be symptoms prior
to this, called the perimenopause
. The most common and
debilitating psychological effects of
perimenopause are:
Sleep disturbances
Bouts of unexpected anxiety
Difficulty in concentrating
Mood swings
One of the best people to look
to for advice in this arena is Dr Marilyn
Glenville (one of our judges in the 2017 Platinum
Awards. She has written extensively on the subject
and has a recently updated best-selling book `New
Natural Alternatives to HRT' , where she details what
is available and suggests that given the right tools,
diet nutrition and lifestyle your body can adapt to
what we used to call `The Change of Life' naturally.
One of the brands who have entered our
awards agree with Marilyn. Natures Naturals
have developed a new range of drinks that work
to help alleviate many of the most uncomfortable
symptoms of Peri-menopause and Menopause. The
FemBev Drink Mixes come in lemon or chocolate
flavour which contain pumpkin seeds - a powerful
source of tryptophan, which is an essential amino
acid our bodies only get from food sources.
It's also thought to be beneficial to take
a Vitamin B-complex multivitamin if you're
also taking in tryptophan, as tryptophan will
metabolize to vitamin B3 if your body is deficient,
and getting the right B vitamins is not easy through
diet alone. Natures Naturals offer a supplement
and also Dermabalm which offers soothing relief to
dry skin (yet another symptom!)
One things for sure,
the more you take care
of yourself `holistically'
the better your chance
of feeling in optimum
health. Its great to see
Carol Vorderman looking
so well, and let's hope the
menopause won't stop
Zoe being the party gal we
know and love!
by Janey Lee Grace
Natural Relief for
Menopause Symptoms