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r. Vijay Murthy is a specialised expert in
the field of Integrative Medicine. Born in
Bangalore, India in 1972 into an erudite
lineage of Vedic scholars, he is a health expert with
extraordinary multidisciplinary skills, classically
trained in the synthesis of India's ancient wisdom
traditions (Vedas and Ayurveda) and cutting edge
health research and education.
In integrating his genius and catalytic ability
to integrating the profound extremities of ancient
wisdom of Ayurveda into the modern scientific
findings, Vijay informs, "Health is not simply bio-
mechanical. It's dependent on personal values,
lifestyle, cultural, social, and environmental factors.
My passion in health care is to help others find
optimum health through accessing what each
person requires to heal."
Dr. Murthy has had a unique and privileged
background culturally trained in the Vedic Tradition,
along with British education system, his studies
culminated in his tenure as a doctor of Ayurveda.
At the age of 22, Vijay was a lecturer teaching
Pediatrics to final-year graduates of Ayurveda.
Concurrently, Dr. Murthy volunteered his medical
services to women's groups in a remote, rural
village in South India helping women to survive
and heal from a plethora of women's diseases and
disorders. Vijay's dedication to cultivating a true
personalised healthcare modality began early in his
career. He had dedicated 6 months to working as
the only doctor in a remote village of 700 families
in South India. As Dr Murthy would say, "You
cannot separate a person's wellbeing and sense
of happiness from the state of their health." These
raw but rewarding communal experiences inspired
Dr. Murthy to deepen his post-graduate studies
in Ayurveda Surgery at Rajiv Gandhi University of
Health Sciences, in Bangalore, India - one of the
first universities in the world to restore the ancient
practice of Ayurveda Surgery which had become
defunct centuries after its inception in 6th Century
BCE. Through his tenacious medical research, he
was led to the studies in Cancer of the Cervix in
Kidwai Institute of Oncology, in Bangalore.
At this turning point, Dr. Murthy made
a lifelong commitment to the Integrative
Medicine approach. He was determined to
find revolutionary ways to integrate the gems
of his ancient wisdom tradition with scientific
advancement. His persistence to humanise the
personalised healthcare system and transport it
to a new plateau of recognising wellness led him
to incorporate the broader studies of naturopathy
and public health care. Whilst serving as the Head
of Faculty for Ayurveda studies at Wellpark College,
Auckland, New Zealand, Dr. Murthy continued
to develop his methodology for personalised
health promotion and health care application. His
method incorporated the tenet of each individual's
experience in the journey of ill health and healing.
"the lived experience of the patient, or person
suffering from illness or despair is the most valuable
contribution to integrating various paradigms of
health care in proven ways."
At present, Dr. Murthy lives
and practices as the Director
of Ayuwave, in London, UK.
His healing methodology
is quickly attracting a wide
range of health seekers and
patients including notable
celebrities, dignitaries and
members of the British Royal
family. Recently, Dr. Murthy
has begun a cutting edge
Radio Show, namely Unlock your Health where
he presents a wide range of current health topics
and interviews world-class scientists, medical
professionals, complimentary health experts,
healers, and environmentalists.