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t's amazing to think it was over a year ago when
we were working with UK Health Radio to bring
you the best in natural and organic products and
services for the 2016 Platinum Awards. The time has
come around again and we are thrilled to be working
with UK Health Radio and also Medichecks. They
are a unique innovative company who are working
hard to ensure that we take responsibility for our
own health and wellbeing. Let's face it most of us
don't want to darken the door of the GP surgery, in
fact recent studies show it's not just the men who
avoid such check-ups, women too, typically wait at
least 15 days before seeking help from a GP if they
have health concerns (interestingly they seek help
after 7 days for their pets!) So Medichecks is a much
needed service, they have created a brilliant state
of art laboratory testing service, yet easy to use, at
Janey Loves