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cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel
syndrome and migraines, just to name a few,
can be stress related or exacerbated by stress.
Ask your doctor to check your blood pressure
and do some blood tests. These should include
fasting blood sugar, cholesterol and thyroid. Or
visit a local pharmacy that will now do mini-
health checks for a small fee.
Take a break.
Use your holiday entitlement
and have some time off. Before you go, write a
big to-do list covering everything outstanding
for you to do on your return. Brief your team
on any anticipated problems and what to do in
your absence. Choose somewhere relaxing and
switch off all your digital technology. Delegate
someone to cover phone and email messages
whilst away, or put on an autoresponder. If you
have to check into work, set aside a certain time
each day and limit yourself to this time.
Get help.
If things have gone too far, then
get help; you cannot solve this alone at this
stage. See your doctor. Do you need time off or
maybe a referral for therapy such as Cognitive
Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Whatever it is, take it
with open arms as the start of your recovery. This
has the potential to stop burnout in its tracks
and save you from a much longer recovery.
How to Prevent Burnout is available from
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Susan Scott
Susan is a
business psychologist,
a nutritional therapist,
a trainer, a consultant
and a coach, as well as
a public speaker and
the author of the best-
selling book "How to
have an outstanding
career". She is past
Chair of the International Stress Management
Association (ISMAUK)
Susan brings a blended mind and body
approach to her work, believing passionately that
everyone deserves to work in ways that foster their
wellbeing and performance. She has designed and
delivered major change management projects and
management, leadership and wellbeing programmes
for numerous private and public sector organisations
across the UK, Europe, USA and Australasia and is
available for public speaking, training and coaching.
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