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Incognito are an award-
winning insect repellent
brand offering ultimate
skin and bite protection
without the toxic nasties...
their formulation is
certified as 100% natural,
and offers 100% protection
is stronger than any Deet-based products and it
really does work, I found this out the hard way I'm
extremely attractive! (To mosquitoes) and until I
found Incognito my travels were miserable due to
the amount of bites I got.
AEOS stands for active energised organic skincare,
and their products all have natural preservatives and
they use sustainable methods, beginning with the
care of the earth through biodynamic farming on
their own land. Powerful extracts and essential oils
of herbs and plants are cultivated to bring new life
and vitality to the soil in which they grow, which in
turn nourishes and strengthens the plants' immune
systems, before further energising with resonances
of crystals and minerals once harvested. We LOVE
AEOS and their sister brand Aura Soma.
Real Remedies
Founded by husband
and wife team Vanessa
and James Jacoby, Real
Remedies are a collection
of hand crafted products,
natural teas, tinctures and
tonics that use specially
selected herbs, plants
and roots to work in
unison with the body's
chakras for attaining greater sensitivity, awareness,
balance and renewed energy. I'm looking forward
to sampling a Tea tasting session
Rhythm of Beauty
Founded by Louise Allen,
a holistic professional with
many years of experience,
Rhythm of Beauty combines
seasonal, natural flower &
plant essences, harvested by
hand. All products are made
with 100% natural ingredients including organic
extracts, flower essences and the highest grade
vibrational oils. They are suitable for all skin types
because the botanicals translate nature's secrets
through your skin into your very being, skin to soul.
We all know about the benefits of `good bacteria'
and Symprove is a water-based multi-strain
supplement that contains 4 unique strains of live
activated bacteria. It's proven to arrive survive
and thrive in the gut. They have some awesome
Tiana Fair trade Organics were the certified fair
trade range of organic extra
virgin cold pressed coconut
oil. They are passionate
about the provenance,
sustainability and fair trade
credentials and in addition
to their coconut oil, they have coconut butter, water,
coconut goodness and even a unique skincare
The Book Midwife Last but not least, on a very
different note we have a category for authors and
app developers and to that end we are thrilled that
The Book Midwife and Panoma Press are sponsoring
our awards, Mindy Gibbons Klein has been helping
people to `birth' their books for many years. If you
feel you have a story to share, this could be your
Please do check out our sponsors and remember to
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