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98% p
John Griffiths
98% Pure Potato is a book written by John Griffiths and
Tracey Follows which looks at the contribution made by
Account Planning to some of the most famous advertising
campaigns in the UK in the 20th Century. Hard though it
may seem now, this was a time when many viewers claimed
they preferred the commercial breaks to the programmes
that surrounded them!
Kevin McCarthy is a contemporary
Planner who rates this historical book very
highly indeed.
If you want to know why planning exists as
it does today then this book is an absolute
must. It gives context to the development
of a function within advertising, but
importantly it levels us in the realisation
that we are part of a trade, not a profession....nobody
dies. It's fascinating to learn about the personalities and
organisations they fought within to establish planning as
an integral part of the process, its exclusion unthinkable
today in the world of customer led omni-channel
solutions, behavioural economics and emotional
storytelling. There is something for everyone in
here, the ego planners who like a name drop, those
planners who operate from the guts and those who
believe in the rigour of process. It gives terrific
context and insight into the debates that got
planning a place at the table and sets out some
incredible case studies for great advertising. It's
a book for experienced planners as well as those
setting out on their journey. It's also something
I'll be coming back to time and again I feel,
testament to the quality of the writing and the
of the month
by Kevin McCarthy