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the question: What makes a healthy society? We know
too well what the diagnosis is. We know which news
channel, which tabloid newspaper and which social
networking website to visit for that. This is the extent
to which we have been taught war. Where do we go
for the possibility of peace? We know if we eat that
and drink this, we may fall ill. We know if we swallow
that, or inject this, we will have temporary relief. This
is the extent to which we have been taught sickness.
Every country's' measuring stick of prosperity, the
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) also measures wealth
from the high usage of medication, chemotherapy
and actions relating to war, amongst other negative
but profit inducing productivity. So in direct relation
to how sick and scared a country
is, we can then borrow accordingly
from the World Bank. This is not a
win-win situation!
Homeostasis for society
is about focusing on peace and
health. The doctor has little interest
in the healthy. They are not the main fascination of
most psychologists. However, this is changing. A small
team, known as Positive Psychology, scientifically
studies the strengths that enable us to thrive. Their
premise is that people desire to lead meaningful,
fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within them,
and enhance their experiences of love, work, and
play. We have proof that this is working with the
acceptance of mindfulness into the mainstream
conversation on mental health. Mindfulness is also
now acknowledged by the NHS in England.
We at Winspiration are committed to being
the change we want to see in the world. In alignment
with that, we are holding our 2018 Extraordinary
Future Forum in Jerusalem. This is a forum where
we, together with a group of prestigious experts and
thinkers come together with the intention to agree,
and put our heathy future into being. The forum leads
and facilitates the discussion of new inspiration, new
insight and ideas on how to create a society based
on abundant health, wealth and peace. We recognize
this is only possible when we change our thought
and feeling patterns because `good enough' is just
NOT good enough. We need to be the best we can
be. Change is the only constant and so Winspiration
continues to work towards ways in which we can
get better, and better. In this Universe of duality and
polarity, there is always a solution to every problem.
If we change our intention, we can go much further.
It is the difference between a conflict-resolution style
of thinking, or peace initiative determination. They
sound the same, and start side by side, but as we
extend into the future they grow in radically different
We can have an extraordinary future when
we spend enough time thinking about it. At our
last forum we had the presence of `Think Tank'
deans, professors, space technology innovators and
heavyweight marketing gurus. In 2018 we will again
bring different super-minds together, from different
walks of life, to discuss and agree on a future we
want to have. Thinking about our future, believing it
and creating it, is how we'll create
homeostasis for society. You may
ask, why Jerusalem? The answer
is if the three leading religions
cooperate more in this one City,
the entire Earth will be 70% closer
to world peace. This is a possibility
worth working towards.
To support the work we at Winspiration do, I
would like to renew my invitation for you to become a
supporting member of our organisation. We suggest
an annual donation of $247 which is used to fund the
Extraordinary Future Forum, as well as our ongoing
efforts to fund Winspiration Day workshops, which
take place on May 7th each year, around the world.
All members will have exclusive access to at least 15
webinars where ideas and various topics are covered
by a dozen visionaries, world renowned personal
development coaches, and bestselling authors and
institute CEOs. To apply for membership, please
email us at expressing
your interest.
I would like to thank you for your interest in
Winspiration. If you join with us you will play your
part in shaping an Extraordinary Future for yourself
and for the world.
The best is yet to come!
Oasis of Peace (Wahat al Salam)
Positive Psychology Center:
We at Winspiration are
committed to being
the change we want to
see in the world.