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But where do we `learn' joy growing up? Even
more importantly I have never ever heard myself
say to anyone `Wow you are so happy well done!!' It
even sounds silly. But it's so important.
And it's really hard to change brain func-
tion after your mid-20's because that's when our
brain builds all the neural pathways it needs for
your most common behaviour. To change behav-
ior, you need to be focused and use repetition and
practice. Why? because this is the only way you'll
actually grow new neurons strong enough to con-
nect with existing neurons, forming new pathways
writes Tara Swart, a senior lecturer at MIT, in her
book Neuroscience for Leadership.
She explains that "Depending on the com-
plexity of the activity, [experiments have required]
four and a half months, 144 days or even three
months for a new brain map, equal in complexity to
an old one, to be created in the motor cortex."
During this time, motivation, willpower, and
self-control are necessary to achieve your goal."
The interesting thing is this, that I resisted all
suggestions to slow down and chill for so long be-
cause honestly I like my drive. I like my ambition. I
need it to help me live my life and it's made me
successful. but `happy and joyful' to me sound very
much like `slowing down and failing' in my brain. I
know that's not true, I am just saying that subcon-
sciously that's what I connected.
So, I experimented with [carefully...] letting
go. I started choosing `happier' choices, I started
checking in with how I felt and stopping when I
wasn't `happy'. I should say I found this very diffi-
cult. Most successful people allow a certain dis-
comfort in their lives as a price we pay for succeed-
ing. We just don't discuss it.
But you know what? Working with joy is not
slowing down. Or failing.
What I have found is that the more joy I let into my
life the stronger and more powerful I feel. And even
better, the more successful I have become. And the
better I am at helping my clients and my family and
my employees to succeed.
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