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oes anyone else find it annoying when
people tell you to chill?
I appreciate I may not be the easiest per-
son to deal with but I am an entrepreneur, a mother,
a boss, a girlfriend a `house-keeper & runner' and a
cat owner dammit! All of that takes a lot of time, ef-
fort and focus to manage and make look effortless.
When you add to that the fact that as I run a
health business and I am a busy professional I also
must look good, be groomed and stay successful -
it doesn't leave a heck of a lot of time for `chilling'.
[Am I the only woman in the world who hates man-
Ask me if I mind? Go on ask me? No! I wouldn't
change my life for anything. I am happy being a driv-
en alpha female type, it gets stuff done in my life,
pays my bills and gets my kids through school. So,
all in all, I'm good and not complaining.
But I ended up doing a Wheel of life coaching ses-
sion with one of my clients and as they say - you
learn what you teach. We were talking about how
she was stuck in survival and I wanted her to move
to `Thrival'. She'd forgotten how to be happy, to
have joy.
Which got me thinking about joy. I am not sure
about joy. I mean I feel happy, regularly. I am grate-
ful ALL the time. But joyful? I don't know really. It's
not that I think I've never felt it, but just that I am
not sure I remember how to do it?
I decided I needed to `learn' how to have
more joy in my life. Yes, my friends started laughing
But here's what I think. when you are little
you don't grow up knowing how to survive do you?
It's a lesson painfully learnt along the way, incident
by event by experience. And we applaud and praise
people who survive. It's almost rude not to.
Is Happiness a lost skill
for Successful People?
by Geeta Sidhu-Robb
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