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What's so great about
Scissor Twist
hen you're working hard to maintain your
flexibility as you age, one of the poses you
will want to include in your stretching rou-
tine is scissor twist.
Twists are an essential part of any stretching routine be-
cause they maintain flexibility of your spine.
Every vertebrae in your back is supposed to rotate 2 de-
Scissor twist, like mermaid pose, is a safe twist
you can do anytime, anywhere all you need is a wall.
Many people find more advanced twists such as
twisting triangle quite challenging. That's because twist-
ing triangle is both a standing pose that develops your
strength, a twisting pose that increases your flexibility
and a balance pose that challenges your core.
Scissor twist is an ideal pose to practise before
you attempt the more challenging work of twisting trian-
With scissor twist, you use the wall like a lever to
open up your spine.
When I'm working one-on-one with clients suffering from
scoliosis, I like to use scissor twist followed by wide leg-
ged forward fold.
I recommend scissor twist to empower scoliosis sufferers
to work through their blocked areas then use wide leg-
ged forward fold to rebalance the two sides of the body.
You twist then lengthen your spine to create space be-
tween the vertebrae.
The wide legged forward fold is a great counter
pose for scissor twist because it will teach your body how
to be equally long on both sides.
Scissor twist is also an ideal pose to practise before at-
tempting major backbends such as wheel.
That's because scissor twist will increase the flexibility of
your spine and make it easier to go into a deep backbend.
If your spine is tight, you will find back extensions difficult.
Stand up straight with your right shoulder next to a wall.
Bring your right foot in front and bring your left foot be-
hind you with your feet 3 to 4 feet apart.
Your front foot should be straight ahead and your back
foot should be turned 45 degrees.
Straighten both legs.
Now bring your right arm parallel to the ground behind
you as you bring your left arm in front.
Spread your fingers and press your palms strongly into
the wall to accelerate the twist.
Keep your chin over the center of your sternum, relaxing
your neck.
Bring your front ribs forward as you rotate your back ribs
behind you.
Hold 1 minute, then repeat on the other side.
Relieves back pain.
Increases the flexibility of your spine.
Stretches your chest.
Gently opens your hips.
Improves your posture.
Keep your chin over the centre of your sternum so you
twist from your core, not your neck.
Press your feet strongly into the floor.
Keep your legs straight.
Be sure to breathe deeply and relax!
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