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ver 30 years ago, two Nurses called Kathy McGrath
and Karen Kelly, teamed up with an Administrator
called Margaret Ahmed and started a new kind
of medical helpline Charity, based in a one-room office
in a converted warehouse in Chiswick. Today Margaret
Ahmed and the Charity, now called Medical Adviso-
ry Service, are the only survivors. But the Spirit and all
the original principles all remain unchanged: all calls
to the MAS Helpline are answered by fully qualified
Registered Nurses. These Nurses do not compete with
Doctors they do not diagnose, they advise. They lis-
ten to people as only Nurses know how and tell them
what questions to ask and where to go. Only in a real
Emergency will they recommend a visit to A & E! There is a real need for
good information available, without bias, on a one-to-one basis over
the phone. Of course these days there is a mass of information availa-
ble online but this can be both confusing and disturbing. MAS Nurses
cut to the chase and tell it like it is. They are kind and considerate al-
ways rigorously honest rather than brutally honest. They call a spade
a spade, not a `bloody shove!' The MAS service is now also available to
other organisations, like Medical Charities or commercial firms, where
their telephone interface with the general public can benefit from the
kindly professionalism of an MAS Nurse speaking on their behalf. This
year MAS was awarded Lottery Support to provide Parent and Child
information over the phone. Right now with new projects in the pipe-
line, MAS are actively looking for more Nurses to register with them for
training in Telephone Service. This work will not make them rich but it
will make a difference!
If you are a Registered Nurse or know someone who might be interest-
ed in joining the MAS team, please contact us initially by email to:
Thank you!
020 8994 9874
Kathy, Karen & Margaret
the Founders of