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Through my own self-detective search I
learned along the way about our core, or the psoas
muscles which react directly to our "fight, flight, or
freeze" mechanism. These are deep-seated muscles
which directly connect our lumbar spine to our
thigh bones and form a shelf for our reproductive
organs, intestines and bladder.
If we are subjected to any form of abuse in
our formative years, fear causes us to "freeze", which
in turn creates tightness and a shortening of these
core muscles. This can then become the root cause
for various misalignments in our body which in the
main only becomes an issue in our later years.
The imbalance is then exacerbated by our
lack of body awareness when moving and generally
how we go about life. This is how my hips got "shot
to pieces" as a Fitness Instructor, I worked through
the pain till I could hardly walk and was forced to
heed my body. I re-read the excellent book You
can Heal your Life by the late Louise Hay and really
resonate with her statements. For anyone with
osteoarthritis I highly recommend that you use this
mantra, ( from Louise Hay," Heal your Body")
"I am love, I now choose to love and approve
of myself. I see others with love."
This is because osteoarthritis comes from undealt
emotions of feeling unloved and being used to
criticism and resentment.
It has taken me twenty years to really understand
my body and realise that I trying so hard at building
an "Iron Harness" around myself in order to cope
with what life threw at me.
Now I can humbly share that there is no
shame in being softer, kinder and loving to myself.
All of us, me included, are simply brilliant just the
way we are and have nothing to prove or justify to
anyone, after all my shiny new balls and sockets are
witness to this!
How Did I Get These? By Nadia
Smith is published by Balbao
Press and documents her
agonising search as to why
she developed osteoarthritis
in both hips and ended up
with two hip replacements.
As a result of many lightbulb
moments and studies with
inspiring teachers, she began
to understand that my body had been crying out for
my love and attention. Nadia works as a therapist
and Qi Gong practitioner in Herefordshire
A Different Perspective on
Osteoarthritis &
Hip Replacements
by Nadia Smith