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First up in the skincare and beauty category,
Makeup artists to the celebs love the Konjac
Sponges, great for creating a smooth base. The new
mini rainforest collection pore refiners are great to
pop in the suitcase. Can be used with or without
My new best friend is a simple Chinese self-care
technique called Gua Sha, The Beauty Restorer is
a facial massage tool. Use this cooling Jade stone
alongside a simple Chinese self-care technique
called Gua Sha to rejuvenate the skin. Daily use will
improve microcirculation by 400 per cent, support
collagen production to reduce wrinkles and aid
lymphatic drainage to
reduce puffiness.
Get a brighter firmer
clearer complexion just
by using this lovely Jade
Beauty Restorer from
The Hayou Method.
Moving onto
and we all want Luscious
Weleda have launched
some gorgeous tinted
lip balms, vegan friendly,
gluten free and great for
sensitive skin, they leave
a natural hint of colour.
They come in 10ml tubes
and the shades are Nude,
Rose and Berry Red
With gut health very much
in people's minds we have
a unique entry, Enterosgel
is an innovative intestinal
adsorbent, composed
of organic minerals, that
works by mopping up
toxins in the gut, and
other substances that
irritate the bowel such as
viruses, bacterial toxins, pathogens and allergens.
Enterosgel works in a completely different way to
other IBS treatments. It is not a drug and is free from
preservatives, sugar, gluten, taste or colour and is
completely excreted within 12-24 hours
Food and drink feature too and delighted that
Chock Chick have
entered. Their organic
raw cacao comes in a
handy re-sealable pack
and it's so versatile, I
use it in smoothies,
sprinkled onto yoghurt,
in hot chocolate and
added to raw cacao
butter for making my
own delicious raw
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