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next level, by transcending their fear of emotional
& psychological intimacy. How? By practising the
art of openly expressing one's authentic truth and
feelings. When we witness such vulnerability within
a safe space we experience deep compassion for
ourselves and each other. This is the healing power
of sisterly / brotherly love.
2. Heal Your Relationship With The Feminine
Most of us have experienced some form of bullying
by `mean girls' during our school years. This is a
dysfunctional group dynamic that occurs when
girls aren't initiated into sisterhood practices
- they attempt to bolster their self-esteem by
putting others down or excluding them. When
we experience a circle of women facilitated by
a well trained group leader it heals those earlier
imprints by anchoring a more positive and uplifting
In addition, gathering
in sisterhood circles
helps us heal our
mother issues -
whether we feel
we were under or
How? When we
feel truly seen
and heard we
feel loved. So by
having a time
and space each month to be witnessed as our true
self, our self confidence grows to express our inner
self - our feminine side which heals the unconscious
need to rebel against our mother's example or
3. Create More Mental & Emotional Balance
Sisterhood circles address our primary social need
to belong and by gathering in alignment with the
lunar cycle we learn to better caretake our emotional
needs. This reduces mood swings and our tendency
to self-soothe by comfort eating. By expressing
our emotions on a regular basis we clear blocked
energy out of our body minimising the likelihood of
developing chronic physical conditions.
Sisterhood circles also provide somewhere
to process our life experiences on a regular basis,
which enhances our mental wellbeing & reduces
ailments like insomnia. And by having ongoing
access to women of all ages we reduce our fear
of ageing as we demystify the process and gain
mentoring support for our own life transitions.
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