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Facing the Facts
by Judith Viorst
I'm facing the fact that
I'll never write Dante's Inferno
Or paint a Picasso
Or transplant a kidney
Or build an empire,
Nor will I ever run Israel or Harvard,
Appear on the cover of Time,
Star on Broadway,
Be killed by a firing squad for some no-
ble ideal,
Find the answer
To racial injustice or whether God's dead
Or the source
Of human unhappiness
Alter the theories of Drs.
S. Freud, C.G Jung, or A. Einstein
Or maybe the course
Of history.
I n addition to which
I am facing the fact that
I'll never compose Bach cantatas,
Design Saint Laurents,
Advise presidents, head U.S. Steel,
Resolve the Mideast,
Be the hostess of some major talk show,
Or cure the cold.
And although future years may reveal
Some hidden potential,
Some truly magnificent act that
I've yet to perform,
Or some glorious song to be sung
For which I'll win prizes and praise,
I must still face the fact that
They'll never be able to say,
"And she did it so young".
etry Corner
Judith Viorst is a Psycholoigist as well as a
Poet. Now in her 80s, I first came across her in the
last half of the last century when her poems were
published in the original NOVA magazine. Her first
collection of poems was entitled 'It's hard to hip over
30 and other tragedies of married life.' I imagine they
were inspired by her
personal experience
and every 10 years
she published another
bitter/sweet, funny/sad
collection. I have never
heard her requested on
'Poetry Please' but she is
well worth discovering.
by Reg Starkey