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The Microbe
BY Hilaire Belloc
The Microbe is so very small
You cannot make him out at all,
But many sanguine people hope
To see him through a microscope.
His jointed tongue that lies beneath
A hundred curious rows of teeth;
His seven tufted tails with lots
Of lovely pink and purple spots,
On each of which a pattern stands,
Composed of forty separate bands;
His eyebrows of a tender green;
All these have never yet been seen--
But Scientists, who ought to know,
Assure us that they must be so ...
Oh! let us never, never doubt
What nobody is sure about!
etry Corner
Hilaire Belloc and Me...
As a young child in school, I had a great deal of
problems with reading and writing. I am left-handed
and dyslexic.
When my parents were splitting up, I was
farmed out to my grandparents often whilst they
sorted themselves out.
My grandfather had a strong love of words
and literature and used to recite Hillaire Belloc to
me as a child. I learned a lot of his poems by heart as
I couldn't read them!
I also like The Baby Sardine by Spike Milligan:
A baby sardine saw his first submarine
He was scared so he looked through the peephole
`Oh come, come, come' said the sardine's mum
`It's only a tin full of people!'
Guy Hooper