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Integrating complementary care into mainstream
By Robin Pritchard
Director, Dimbleby
Cancer Care
he charity was
set up in 1966
memory of
renowned broadcaster
Richard Dimbleby and
is based at Guy's Cancer
Centre in London and
at the Dimbleby
Macmillan Support
Centre at Queen Mary's
Sidcup. Its mission is to raise money to continue its
commitment to support and expand the Dimbleby
Cancer Care Information and Support Services, which
includes drop-in information centres, Welfare Benefits
advice, psychological support, complementary
therapies and the provision of Dimbleby pillows for
cancer patients. The charity is also developing a website
resource ( to help people find
care and support services nearest to them. In addition,
the Dimbleby Cancer Care Research Fund has awarded
over 2.7million in research funding to projects looking
at all aspects of cancer care.
The Charity is chaired by Jonathan Dimbleby
and has a Board of 11 members, both family and non-
family. The charity operates with a very small staff 1 full
time Director, supported by 3 part-time staff.
In 2013, the charity endowed 2million to Guy's
Cancer Centre where its main support centre is based,
investing a further 100,000 on the interior design
and fit-out of the drop-in information area and suite
of consultation and therapy rooms. Working with local
designer all the rooms have
been beautifully designed and furnished to create a
calm, peaceful and welcoming environment, with the
bespoke glass screens at the entrance designed by
sculptor Nicholas Dimbleby. The idea was to create an
area that didn't feel like it was inside a hospital, a place
where people could come to heal.
The team of specialists working within the centre
provide care and support, not just to cancer patients
themselves, but also to their families and carers. This is a
vital aspect of the charity's work: to support those who