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ife should be exciting and pleasurable. How
many times have you said that to yourself?
Perhaps as you have waited in a traffic jam or
opened all those bills and invoices for last month's
However, for life to be enjoyable we all need to
be able to manage the challenges that we face.
Unfortunately, there will be times when we feel we
cannot cope and it is then that we may experience
negative stress. But experiencing signs of stress does
not mean you are a weak individual who cannot
cope it just means you are human like everyone
else! We all react differently to the situations we
have to face because we are all unique individuals.
Some of us may be passive personalities whilst
others may be very competitive and our reaction to
pressure, and especially excess pressure, will vary
enormously. And dependent on our reaction, will
be the state of our wellbeing and health.
Life in the 21st century is very different to that of
only a few years ago and perhaps it would be useful
to look at how we can improve our stress levels
during the coming year.
Some of the most common signs of stress are:
Mood swings
Anxiety and/or depression
Skin problems
Muscle tension
Poor concentration/ memory
Waking unrefreshed
Changes in eating patterns
Low self esteem
Digestive problems
Stress and You
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