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ood probably isn't the first thing you think of
when you think of ADHD. Hyperactive kids
running around in circles? Someone talking
ten to the dozen? A sort of crazy manic energy that
can't be contained? Yep, yep and yep. But food?
Where is the link? The truth is that food and ADHD
have a close and troublesome relationship. You
feel out of control with your behaviour so you seek
comfort through eating (because donuts make
EVERYTHING better). The problem is that excessive
eating or an obsession with food turns into a
problem all of its own and wham bam you have a
side of eating disorder to go with your ADHD.
I've lived with ADHD all of my life and I am
passionate about raising awareness of the issues
that surround it and helping people with this
condition live healthier and more productive lives.
Understanding the link between eating and ADHD
is vital not only for supporting sufferers but as a
tool in the diagnosis of ADHD, particularly in girls.
ADHD is a term that we throw around a lot. It's
used as a joke or an insult but many of us don't
have a strong understanding of what it means. I've
provided a whistle-stop overview below:
ADHD is the most common mental disorder in
It's more prevalent in boys but is thought to be
widely undiagnosed in girls.
Symptoms can vary but can include
hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention.
In adults ADHD can manifest as anxiety, low
self-esteem and chronic boredom.
ADHD brains are structured differently with clear
differences visible on an MRI when compared
with `normal' brains.
ADHD and Food:
A Dysfunctional Relationship
by Francesca Lia Treymaine