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hen I first heard about UK Health Radio
and especially how it came about, my
first idea was that it dealt with body
issues and bodily health; but since then I've come
to a broader understanding of what being healthy
really means; being physically healthy yes, but also
healthy in every part of our lives. `Health' h stands
for `happiness', e for `ethical', a for `aspiration',
l for `love', t for `tomorrow', and h for `health is
wholeness'. We talk a lot about `healthy finances',
`healthy relationships', and `healthy principles'.
When we are in harmony with the natural and
universal laws we can experience a degree of
physical, emotional, material, and spiritual growth
that we never would have thought possible. As
positive as these ideas may be, I must admit that my
image of the UK has completely changed in recent
times. With all necessary caution I would say UK
now stands for `Unused Knowing'. Recently the UK
attracted a great deal of attention because of the
Brexit vote. But why Brexit? Has the UK created and
generated too much good economic substance
and was it treated unfairly because of that? Or have
there been some negative developments? What
has remained of its big, strong Empire? Is there any
industry that the UK is leading in today? Who owns
automobile brands like `Jaguar' or `Range Rover'? So
much has withered away. So what is the real reason
behind Brexit? Is it because the UK is creating such
a great, positive future and the EU is holding the
UK back? So how can the UK government succeed
in securing economic survival? Apart from all the
delusion preceding the vote, I, as a citizen born on
the continent, find Brexit especially disheartening
because it now seems as if we are being blackmailed.
Are those breaking away from the EU implying to us
on the continent that if they do not like what we do
they will create their own tax haven? What does this
thinking mean? It is win-lose or lose-lose thinking.
It is not about creatively developing new economic
substance or value for the future. Creating a tax
haven only protects a chosen few; it does not
create true value and takes from others. This is how,
quite some time ago, London established itself
as a financial center, with the help of the British
government. We all heard during the banking crisis
that the financial world was disconnected from the
real world, as though most of the population going
Let your light
by Wolfgang Sonnenburg