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and experienced this scientific reality with literally
hundreds of thousands of people over decades of
professional practice, working with patients over
a broad range of health challenges, from cancer
to the common cold. And it is a truth that many
powerful people and organisations do not want
you to know.
When faced with illness, there are some
questions we commonly ask of ourselves: What is
the diagnosis? What treatments are available? How
can I alleviate the symptoms? What is the cure?
If it is true health and healing you search for,
it turns out that these are the wrong questions.
You see, no disease is caused by a lack of
treatment. Treatments and diagnoses are offered
usually in response to illness or the symptoms of
illness, in a reactive approach to health. But external
treatments are not the cure for disease, nor will they
prevent illness. The reason? Simply, that health and
healing do not come from outside of your body.
You are a natural born healer. You were
formed from a single cell, which through the
incredible complexity and intelligence of life,
multiplied into an adult body with 70 trillion cells,
each one specialised for its particular function and
perfectly formed, each one in communication with
every other, working together to keep you alive
and well. Every cell, tissue and organ of your body
is naturally equipped with an ability to protect
itself from foreign invaders and toxins, to cleanse
and repair itself, and to reproduce and grow new
healthy cells, to replace old or damaged ones. For
example, every day your bone marrow produces
220 billion new red blood cells and your spleen
recycles the old blood cells.
And your body/mind can do this, over and
over every single day, for 70-100 years or more.
Without any medical intervention. Truly, even
newly born babies can heal from the trauma of
birth without any sense of self-awareness.
The lie is to believe that you are
fundamentally flawed; that your body or mind
will not be capable of healing without artificial
intervention. That outside intervention is more
powerful than the healing power within you.
You are a natural born healer. To be