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"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
than are dreamt off in your philosophy."
his edition of Health Triangle looks at amazing
facts and amazing theories. Amanda Thomas has
dug up umpteen truths stranger fiction. Johann
Ilgentritz is himself a living miracle and this has been
acknowledged independently with an Inspiration Award.
The public recognition may embarrass him but it is a
source of pride to the rest of his team. Newcomer to the
magazine ,Avril Whitfield , who has chosen this month's
poem is another living miracle who survived cancer and
celebrated her survival by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to
raise money for Breast Cancer. "Evidence-based" is a buzz-
word but to be meaningful it needs to be based on reliable
than unreliable evidence. Let me give you two examples
from Dr Paul O's excellent book "There's more to quitting
drinking than quitting drinking." Everywhere you've ever
been, everywhere you've ever looked, the Earth appears
flat. On the evidence of your eyes, the logical conclusion
is that the Earth is flat. It isn't. If you watch the Sun rise in
the east in the morning, see it high in the sky at noon, then
set in the west in the evening, you might on the evidence
of your eyes conclude that the Sun goes round the Earth.
It doesn't. Voltaire put it like this: "Doubt is not a pleasant
condition, but certainty is an absurd one." Every day on
air and every month in the magazine we invite you to be
open-minded enough to consider possibilities...! We repeat
the invitation right now.
Reg Starkey
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