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e are proud to feature Sarah, Duchess of York on this
month's magazine cover and to welcome her presence on
Dr Vijay Murthy's programme on UK Health Radio.
Sarah Ferguson became the Duchess of York on her marriage
to Prince Andrew, yet her nickname `Fergie' reflects her popularity
with the general public. We see in her someone who has faced the
same problems that we also face money, marriage and weight,
to name but three! Fergie has reinvented the role of Duchess as a
successful writer, slimmer and broadcaster. She has also remained on
exemplarily excellent terms with her former husband, as parents to
their daughters. Welcome to UK Health Radio and Health Triangle
As the cynic once put it "Even the poor must eat" and this is
more of a problem in a poor country like Malawi than in a first world
country like the UK or USA where our relationship with food may
be more about psychology than survival. Not one but at least two
contributors explore the power of the mind to improve the potential
for personal fulfilment by raising self-esteem and reducing the habit
of people-pleasing.
Janey Lee Grace previews this year's Platinum Awards and
Yes to Life reveals the power of the written word to fracture the
isolation that is so often related to dealing with Cancer.
From cover to cover, you'll find plenty of food for thought on every
spread, dear reader!
Reg Starkey
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