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"I'm glad you're a Dolphin too, Mabel!"
riting this on a mobile phone, sitting beside
a pool in Southern Spain, half way up a
mountainside, looking out towards the hazy
blue of the Mediterranean, which itself is just a downhill
walk away. As I type these words with my thumb, I can
accept that distance now really is only psychological .
Soon I will be back in London and facing a grey and more
mundane reality. What John Keats poetically described as
the `season of mist and mellow fruitfulness' this edition
flags as the beginning of the flu season! And the potential
onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder... More practical than
poetic, this edition of Health Triangle Magazine looks
again at the idea of healthy body, healthy mind. Dealing
with anxiety and depression, coming to terms with ageing,
taking responsibility for your own well-being, treating
health care providers with the respect they have earned
rather than the respect they may demand as if by divine
right. Recognising that good information is the best basis
for good decision-making and that the person who never
changes their mind has stopped thinking! One last bit of
schoolboy trivia: Amanda Thomas claims that humans
and dolphins are the only creatures who enjoy sex just for
pleasure. So the old joke could now be rewritten: "I'm glad
you're a Dolphin too, Mabel!"
Reg Starkey
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