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Editor's Note:
'A classroom without walls'
his interesting image is lifted unashamedly from the
Woodland Trust's article within the new edtion and
relates to the educational rewards of encouraging
school-children to plant trees, as well as the environmental
benefits. When I read it, it occurred to me that this also
describes what UK Health Radio is and what Health Triangle
Magazine reflects and echoes. UKHR is an 'information
station' with a global reach; Health Triangle presents
'good' information in another format: 'skin to soul' - to lift
another phrase from the current issue, this time from Janey
Lee Grace.
Readers and contributors may agree or at least, can agree
to disagree. This is a classroom without walls - and without
The incontrovertible fact is this: every opinion expressed
here is based on each writer's personal experience and is a
sincerely held belief. Not surprisingly, there is a great deal
of common ground:
that we should all take full responsibility for our own
health and spiritual well-being, avoiding the self-harm
of excessive self-indulgence
that individual lifestyle is a matter of choice not Fate
that healthy diet and regular exercise provide benefits
way beyond correcting weight and physical fitness
Marianne Williamson's poem, featured in Robin Daly's 'Yes
to Life', suggests that the power of our individual minds is
far greater than most of us even dare to imagine and that
we may all be self-limiting creatures. Only an opinion, of
course. Yes, but a well-informed opinion.
Reg Starkey