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Editor's Note:
10,000 steps...10,000 hours?
s the days get both brighter and longer, this edition
of Health Triangle Magazine offers literally dozens
of different ideas on how best to fill the time
available including discovering Indian classical music
and unloading limiting beliefs about "three score years and
10,000 steps is suggested an ideal daily exercise
goal. 10,000 hours is, according to Malcolm Gladwell, the
time it takes to turn an enthusiast into an expert. These are
interesting guides to best use of time and space.
In his regular column, Robin Daly has a wonderful
quote from the late, great Viktor Frankl, the philosophical
creator of Logo Therapy and holocaust survivor:
"Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that
space is our power to choose our response. In our response
lies our growth and our freedom."
We can choose for better or for worse.
There is reliable evidence that "we are what we eat." There is
also evidence that "we become what we think." If we make
better choices, the quality of our life improves.
Janey Lee Grace invites us all to recognise Excellence in the
2017 Platinum awards.
David Yelland, a former editor of the Sun, shares a
personal story - never published before! - about doing the
right thing at the most altruistic level rather than the more
tempting alternative for a red-top newspaper man.
In Poetry Corner, the left-handed dyslexic survivor,
Guy Hooper, chooses light relief over either gloom or doom.
May I invite you to get off that comfortable old couch and
do likewise?!
Reg Starkey