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alnutrition is the biggest cause of child
mortality worldwide, with a quarter of
children under five suffering from chronic
malnourishment. This figure is almost doubled
Malawi is one of the world's poorest
countries, where three quarters of the population
are living in extreme poverty, struggling to survive
on little over 1 a day. Families living in rural areas
of the country rely on farming to survive, but they
desperately need to improve their productivity.
Limited access to financial services and training,
very basic tools and declining soil quality decrease
productivity and mean that many families remain
trapped in absolute poverty.
In countries prone to natural disasters,
such as Malawi, where economic crises and
environmental disasters continue to plague
the region, women and children who are most
vulnerable suffer the most. MicroLoan Foundation
is addressing this by working with some of the
poorest women, providing them with the tools
and training they need to improve their yields.
MicroLoan Foundation supports these women to
set up their own businesses to sell their produce at
local markets so that they can feed their families as
well as earn a regular income. They also help them
to survive natural disasters and financial shocks by
earning a livelihood and building savings.
Giving hope not handouts -
feeding a family in
by CARE and Peter Caton