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After you are really ready to have a new future and
create the perfect image of your goal.
You don't need to know how to achieve it at this
point. Just have a clear picture in your mind what
the wished healthy you looks and feels like. What
are you capable of doing? See it all clear and see it
as it is now. Are you ready to live it? Now?
So use the sentence for yourself:
I am so happy and grateful now that.........
Believe it and be ready to live it.
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Believe how fit and healthy you want to be and
keep a clear picture of this in your mind. Don't
worry about your present circumstances; perhaps
there are some things from the past that can't be
reversed i.e. disability, but there are always ways
of being and feeling better whatever situation you
are in and new technologies that you can visualise
helping you. It is amazing how we can rejuvenate
our bodies and it is important to remember that
all the cells in our body renew themselves at
surprisingly regular intervals. There is now a whole
new era in medical science based on Epigenetics;
this illustrates that if you believe you can `switch
off' your bad genes then you can `switch on' the
beneficial genes. Many believe this is how miracles
take place. So believe you have good health and
believe you have it right now!
If you keep the vision of the `stick person'
in your mind, this will reinforce your new thinking
even more. You will be aligned with new thinking
and your body will adjust to a new frequency. So
now you can say to yourself `I am a healthy person.
I see it. I am it.' Merge with the picture of a healthy
and vibrant you. It is important that you feel the
right emotions! Thinking alone is not enough.
Feeling it as it is already there is the key.
And support yourself, your brain and
your inner consciousness with afformations. Yes
affirmations help you think about what you wish
for, but ask yourself why it is good to be the way
you want to be, to avoid resistance. Once you are
sure you are thinking in the right way you will
create new synapses where new inFORMation can
be received and your inner consciousness can start
to support you in going in the right direction and
give you the results you wish for.
So remember ask yourself why you want to be
healthy is it so you can see your children grow up
or for the love of your partner? Whatever it is, be
ready to receive good health and be grateful.
5. c
Now you can make plans. Live in the healthy future.
You can research which diets are good for you
and for your longevity. See how the `superfit' live
and conduct their lives. This is important- create
new plans from the new you! If you were already
enjoying perfect health, how would you live and
plan from there.
6. a
Every day, take the actions to support your new
lifestyle. The Law of Attraction contains the word
action! Take up the new sport you have always
wanted to try. All your actions should reinforce your
new beliefs.
7. c
This means regularly checking that you are
staying on the right track. It is not a control in the
restricting sense, but checking you are okay and
that everything is working for you. It is a bit like
using a GPS system sometimes it may advise us
we are heading in the wrong direction and need
to make `U' turn. Then we can get back on the right
path. Control your thoughts so you know you are
living your true life.
The word discipline comes from disciple
and means being a good student and following
what you decide is best for you. You are really going
for health. Don't be average! You are unique and
deserve to be the best you can possibly be.
By following the seven steps you can create
an incredible new physical and emotional life. Take
care of you!
I wish you good health and healing. Create
the right environment and you are doing your best
for your body. Finally, I would like to thank Johann
Ilgenfritz for successfully creating an atmosphere of
health, both for himself and others, and who serves
as an inspiration to us all.
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