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Q: How does your Kathy Kaehler website "Better
Living Expert(TM)" keep information fresh and in-
formative for young adult women?
A: A major benefit of continuing education and cur-
rent certification in health and fitness allows me to
stay up-to-date on the breaking fitness and medical
research and news. To bridge the communication gap
with young adult women, with the millennial, requires
empowering them with actionable information with-
in the fitness and health space.
Q: Why do many women shy away from the con-
cept "fit and sexy?"
A: Many women associate being sexy with outward
appearance. Women who embrace themselves and
provide self love to themselves, no matter their out-
ward physical shape, ethnicity or age understand
the diamond that she really is. The title of my radio
show "Fit & Sexy for Life" comes from my book Fit and
Sexy for Life: The Hormone-Free Plan for Staying Slim,
Strong, and Fabulous in Your Forties, Fifties, and Be-
yond . I discuss how women's bodies change as we be-
come older, but what should never change is a wom-
an's willingness to love herself and her love for her life.I
believe women of all generations can embrace this
Q: Who are you contending for?
A: Ultimately, I want women to feel, no matter who
they are, that we (women) are unique and there are no
one else like us. If I can bring courage to help women
embrace this then I believe there is no stopping what
women can do professionally, emotionally and
Q & A with renowned fitness and health
expert, Kathy Kaehler
In her exclusive interview with Kidney Contenders,
certified professional and fitness expert Kathy
Kaehler replenishes our information with happier,
healthier and bolder approaches to fitness for life.
Q: Many women in their forties and fifties are
chronically ill and use infusion therapies to cope
with their illnesses. Some experience lower levels
of energy and sluggish metabolisms as a result of
their illnesses. Are there natural diuretic remedies
or exercises that can assist with these ailments?
A: Ageing can cause changes in our bodies and can
alter how our bodies respond to illnesses. When
metabolism decreases we are losing bone and muscle
mass. Our energy levels deplete but power walking, for
example, is exercise beneficial to our bodies. Hydration
is key. Our bodies are made up of mostly water, and
when we are properly hydrated we can rest, restore
and rejuvenate. When we compromise our hydration
we compromise our health. Health is wealth. Food is
fuel. Our bodies are like sports cars and we should only
use premium fuel.