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Forgiveness is letting go and not holding on
to negative energy from the past, for if you cannot
forgive you will always be focusing on the past. The
more people and situations that haunt you from
the past the less you can live in the present and you
will not be free to look forward to the future that
you desire.
The Free Space Chart above can be applied
to deep issues such as the need for forgiveness.
It shows us how we are affected by the impact of
what is happening on the outside if we are unaware
of the possibility of `free space' on the inside. If you
don't know about, and are not capable of using the
free space, your only way to deal with things is by
reacting. But if you are reacting, it is like a reflex and
you are not really deciding what is happening. It
means that you are being affected by the impact
from outside, rather than deciding your own
The more you can forgive the more you
can cut the energetic connection from the past; to
whatever happened to you. Only if you are detached
can you discover your free space; at least, you can
live in the free space. Then you can consciously
have the time to decide what happens to you and
how you want to respond. You have the possibility
and can take the responsibility when you are in the
`free space' and you can decide how you want to
In my workshops, I often use the example
of a common driving experience. I remember an
occasion in my younger days when someone cut in
front of me on the road and I felt annoyed. I was not
aware of having `free space' and my inner emotions
were stirred up. The actions on the outside decided
I would react directly and be upset. I asked myself:
should I sound the horn or flash my lights, or even
chase the other driver? The adrenaline was flowing.
But now I have come to realise that the more I forgive
somebody, even the person cutting me up on the
road, the more I can be objective. For all I knew, the
driver could have been rushing to the hospital due
to an emergency and I had been wrongly assuming
he was the bad guy! So when I live in the `free
space' I do not need to have one simple solution to
everything that is happening, or one interpretation
with my reaction. If I am on a long and boring road
journey, maybe I should concentrate more on the
nice person sitting beside me, or listen to pleasant
music, rather than getting upset with other drivers.
So really understanding freedom, real freedom,
will only occur if you are the boss in your own
`free space'. When you make your decisions no one
else can control what is happening inside of you
except you. But until you have forgiven the issues
that bother you from the past and have cut the
ties that have kept you attached to them, you will
not be able to live in your `free space'. And as long
as you do not live in your `free space' you are not
free. You can have money, and even good health,
but if you cannot forgive you face a big challenge;
you will not be able to experience true abundance
and happiness. So really understanding letting
go not being emotionally
bonded to what has gone
before, makes you a real, free
person. Enjoy your freedom.
Forgiveness is the key.
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