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une in to discover industry secrets when buying and selling
property. We have all played the property board game Monopoly,
but how do we mitigate and overcome the challenges that arise
during a property transaction in the real world? Matt talks you through
his experiences in the property arena with the aim of saving you time,
money and stress during the process.
Each week Matt talks to industry professionals, showcasing different areas
of potential invest in the process.
Show one talks about the role of the Buying Agent or Property Finder as
they are also known. Why to use one and what value they can add to your
Matt has 17 years' professional experience in the world of property. He has
worked in Dubai, the French Riviera and London where he now is based
and runs Astute Property Search. He also buys and develops real estate
though unfortunately the Monopoly board has gathered some dust since
he last played.
The Pr
perty Show
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