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n a previous article, I asked the question: `Do
we really need to die? `So when I now ask: `Can
we achieve optimal health?' it seems a smaller
question. But are we interested in optimal health
and having a long and happy life? It seems like a
rhetorical question, but for most of my life I wasn't
interested in achieving better health. Firstly, I was
programmed to think that from the age of twenty
five everything went downhill! When I turned forty
everyone said again that this was certainly a rather
depressing milestone. When I suffered aches and
pains, everyone, including the doctors, advised me
to live with it for at my age what else could I expect?
That seems to be the general idea for us all. As we
get older we should expect our bodies not to work
so well. But is this the truth? Logically I could say,
the more I train over the years, the fitter I should
become. If I have trained from the age of twenty
to sixty, shouldn't I be a super guy with growing
I have met someone who has proved
this to me. This person has the theory that we
shouldn't start training until we are 25; before then
our muscles and bodies aren't fully formed and
developed. He is the most powerful and fittest man
I have met and he is well into his senior years. When
I was sixty I was in bad shape due to my lifestyle,
and all the old sayings about health supported my
beliefs of that time.
When I was successful in my business life, I
learned principles to create material results. But I
didn't realise that these principles could be applied
to achieving better health as well as financial
success. I realised late, but fortunately not too
late, to embrace a new way of thinking and feeling
which changed my whole frequency, and one with
which I could bring about amazing new changes in
my physical and mental life.
If you create the feeling of a sad situation in your
mind and really feel it, clap your hand to the fitting
rhythm of that, on a table. Remember the rhythm.
Now go to a current situation in your life where
you are happy and feeling powerful. Again clap out
the rhythm. This time the frequency belongs to a
super feeling. Two different rhythms. You are now
aware that you can change a frequency by yourself,
by your decision and by your willpower. Check
consciously everyday whether you are in a healthy
Below is the link to an incredible presentation
by Gregg Braden on the power of the heart. He talks
powerfully about how in a Chinese hospital it was
proved to be possible to cure a patient of cancer
in three minutes just by changing the person's
It is simple, but not always easy, to live to
a healthy frequency.Modern science knows the
process to live it, but again, unfortunately the
system is not teaching it. Aligned with Quantum
physics and the Stick Person we talked about in the
last article, is the 7 Step Success Program. If you go
exactly with it in the suggested order all results are
possible for you.
1. d
It is important to make a decision to change your
health for the better and to dismiss all alternatives
to that. It is totally up to you to decide to be as fit
as you can be. You can look on the internet and see
many examples of people age 60 and more, being
super fit. There are doctors working at the age of 90
and body builders still strong at 80. So you know it is
possible. When you change your body's frequency
you will change! Make the decision to be fitter and
you will be.
2. f
This is not necessarily about finding new medication
or new recipes; it is about being totally honest with
yourself. Fact finding is about asking yourself how
you should live: `Why am I going to the doctor?
Is it because I want new medication so that I can
be free of pain, or do I want to ask how my health
can be improved? How is my present diet and
alcohol consumption affecting me? What do I do to
compensate? Do I really believe I can enjoy good
health as I get older?'
If you are overweight, ask yourself why you
are overweight. What is your inner belief?