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850,000 people in the UK have dementia
1 in 3 people over 65 predicted to get it
26billion annual cost to the UK
1.34billion hours of unpaid work contributed by
people caring for family or friends with dementia
each year
times World Formula 1 Champion Sir Jackie
Stewart is facing the biggest challenge of his
life. He is trying to find a cure for something
that may affect 1 in 3 people over 65.. Dementia.
Presently there is no known cure!! A lot of research
- but nothing is known to stop dementia. And His
wife Lady Helen, to whom he is devoted, has been
diagnosed as having Dementia.
Man on a mission ... `we need more people to see
the reality of the problem'
In a typical Champion response Sir Jackie
has set up a Charity Foundation to create a centre
of excellence in order that Doctors and Professors
may gather and pool their knowledge in attempt
to find a cure. Sir Jackie likens it to
his beloved Formula One where
talented desingners/engineers are
brought together to create centres
of excellence e.g John Barnard ,
Adrian Newey. For him failure is
not an option. He said: "My lesson
from racing was that to finish first,
first you must finish."And that's
exactly what I intend to do."
His foundation Race against Dementia is looking
for new talent, people prepared to take on the
challenge of curing Dementia. And it is not just
new thinkers...if established experts in their field
feel that by concentrating their thoughts they may
be able to make a break through then Sir Jackie's
Foundation wants to hear from them.
The incidence of Dementia is increasing and
at present there is no cure. And the terrible reality
is that while traditional medicine may be able to
keep the patient alive, there will come a time when
the afflicted will need specialist care beyond the
capability of the ordinary person.
Terrible in reality but also creating an issue
of care for Hospitals/Nursing Homes as more and
more people reach the tipping point where home
care is no longer possible!
UK Health Radio has pledged
to support Sir Jackie and get the
message out across the Summer.
Dementia will be featured in the
Wiki Health as we try to help Sir
Jackie find professionals who can
take on the challenge of finding a
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