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The Way to Freedom
by Wolfgang Sonnenburg
I can look back to a time in my past when
I was not enjoying good health and had been
through some tough times financially. I worked at
turning things around and both my finances and
health improved and I was outwardly rich in many
ways. However, I did not gain the freedom I wanted
because I still felt imprisoned. I was attached to
things I couldn't get rid of.
Growing up, I was not allowed to do or be
what I wanted. Later, I started apportioning blame
to those who had said `no' to me; in my mind, those
people, such as people in government, teachers,
bosses and partners were responsible for all the
things that were wrong in my life. I tried to survive
on an illusion of freedom.
As we go through life, most of us will be
confronted with the need to `let go'- to let go of what
bothers us and find it in our hearts to forgive when
we feel we have been wronged. I spent too many
years telling myself that others were responsible for
my lack of freedom. But forgiveness is not making
things undone and it is not saying `I like what you
did'. Freedom is about becoming detached from
whatever happened to you to cause you pain.
All the time you cannot forgive you remain
attached to something, whether it is a person or a
memory. It controls you and you become a victim.
That is the crazy thing blaming someone else
for something that has happened to you ends up
making YOU the victim!