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through that you get each other at the end. You've
got to remember that it's for the two of you - the
success lies in the planning and if you keep that in
mind that's what you will get out at the end of it
and that's the most important bit.
Has anything changed for you now that you are
Now that we're married we're a lot more
settled, the last puzzle piece has fallen into place for
us even though we lived together before getting
What advice would you give couples looking to
get married?
Definitely move in together to learn about
each other first if you can, everyone will be giving
you their point of view as to what you should do
when getting married but at the end of the day
you've got to do what's important to you and what's
best for the two of you.
Any words of wisdom to couples looking to take
that leap down the aisle?
Set the right foundation together first
before jumping into marriage, move in together
first to see if you can live with each other and
tolerate each other's habits.
Life is tough, there will be ups and downs
but don't give up and you will get there.
Key to all of this is how you handle the
stress and disagreements so that it does not come
between you and detract you from your ultimate
goal in that you are doing this because you have
chosen to spend the rest of your lives together - and
if you can survive planning a wedding together, you
are well on the way to a happily ever after!
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