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barrel is fixed, the body's whole strength and power
has a chance to return.
In my gym they have a machine which can
measure the biological age of the body.
And this machine is telling me that in the last 18
months I have reduced my biological age by 13 years!
The people who know and spend time with me see
and feel that my energy level, my vibrancy, and my
flexibility have enormously improved, and they also
notice that the time span during which I am creative
and awake is longer than ever before.
If I accept that I can continue this way for the
next 10, 20, 30 years, then why shouldn't I be able to
live for another half-century? How come that 65 is the
retirement age? Just because a politician decided it.
Not nature! No animal, no flower has to stop being
active because of a law.
65 surely it will be just the midpoint of life!
I really feel this way now and I am very lucky
to have Bob Proctor (most know him as the main
teacher in the film `The Secret') as my mentor, who at
age 82, travels the world, rocks across the stage and
impresses everyone with his sheer power and energy.
In summarising all this for me and you: There
are ways to rejuvenate the body at any chronological
age! So, focus more on the mental and especially,
as it is written here, on the biological age! There has
to be the correct attitude for physical health and
fitness! With all the science that we'll experience within
the next years, it will become `normal' for our life span
to extend well beyond the 100-year mark! Like science
says, 150 is natural. And this with a quality of life most
people have not even experienced until today. The
best is yet to come!
The future is open, you decide what is in it!
On the 7th May, which is Winspiration Day,
my top-fit 82-year-old mentor, Bob Proctor, and I,
will host a special event in Los Angeles. We will have
Hollywood stars there; Dave Asprey, who is a real body
hacker and started "40 Years of Zen", and is the creator
of the Bulletproof Diet, and Dr. Joshua Plant, initiator
of the Natural Health Revolution. A day packed
with great information and uplifting examples. You
don't need to come to L.A. You can enjoy this day
comfortably from home via live-stream:
Please, just donate the US $35, which goes
to the Not-For-Profit Winspiration Association and
The Unstoppable Foundation. With your donation,
you are as well supporting building projects for
schools in Africa. You can enjoy the whole event from
the morning until the evening, with all the great
information, and you can also listen to the founder
of UK Health Radio, Johann Ilgenfritz, who will speak
and also be live-streamed.
I am looking forward to meeting and greeting you via
modern technology!
Live a Life Unlimited!
Wolfgang Sonnenburg