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My intuition told me I needed to go deep within
myself, for the first time, and take charge of my life
and myself. I needed to be honest with myself, to
change this self-created, sabotaging destructive
I knew I had to learn to love and accept
myself for who I really was and to take care of my
own needs first. So I started to practise Self-Love
and Self-Care. These are not selfish acts; they are
our birth-right.
Slowly, I recovered, learning a new way of
walking the journey of healing, inner transformation
and growth - and along the way, I discovered the
steps and tools not only to heal myself, but also to
help people across the globe to do the same.
How to gain inner strength from the inside out,
practise conscious self-love and self-care so that
we can live a balanced and
meaningful life. There is such a
need for this awareness.
That is why I decided to
write it all down and I share this
story and these powerful tools
in my new book: "Shifting Out of
Chronic Stress: A 7-Step Journey
to Regain Your Balance and Inner
In part 2 we will address
where the real cause of our
chronic stress comes from
and an effective solution to
shift out of this vicious cycle
so you can live the life you
deserve. See you there!
To discover more simple-
but-powerful steps to activate conscious self-care and
set healthy boundaries for yourself, www.daniellesax. Download the "Free e-Book
and Checklist", on "How To Say NO To Others And YES To
Yourself", it will help you in taking your next best step to live
a thriving and balanced life.
I was convinced that I had to prove my
own worth and that my self-care was secondary to
caring for others.
For years I was a people-pleaser, trying to be the
person I was told I should be. I was living mostly in
my head, always trying to be good enough, smart
enough, slim enough, etc. I did not understand that
this never-ending state of alertness was the cause
of my chronic stress.
"If you do not make a decision for yourself,
someone or something else will do it for you."
However, at the age of 38, the difficult
financial situation my husband and I were in,
accentuated once more my fear of not being (good)
enough, especially compared to others. And the
fear of not having enough (fear of poverty) pulled
the last grass from under my feet and brought
about the onset of a stress-related disease. All the
symptoms and signals were there for many years,
but I ignored them. I thought I was superwoman
and could handle anything.
Are you ignoring your signals too?
November 25th, 1998. My body made the decision
for me and so I learned my lesson the hard way! I
never took the decision for myself to slow down
and listen to all the signals and warnings of my
mind, body and spirit telling me that I was going
over my limit.
Until that moment of truth when my whole
life came to a STOP as my body collapsed. Due to a
very serious lung virus, localised in my right lung, I
could not breathe, not eat, not sleep anymore. My
immune system crashed and it took me years to
Although doctors told me that I would be in
a wheelchair, never be able to work again, I did shift
out of that vicious cycle.
I decided it was time to take my life into my
own hands because I was a survivor. I wanted to
live instead of being a victim of my disease. I was
determined to heal myself, regardless of what the
doctors told me.