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hat does healthy living mean to you?
There was a time when it meant simply
eating an apple and making sure you
get out for a walk, for some of course it means
going to the gym daily and for others it's a whole
lifestyle choice, a specific diet, regular exercise and
a commitment to health and wellbeing.
Janey Lee Grace and together with
events' organiser and founder of the charity If I can
we have created The Healthy Living Popup, we
want to recognise that its no longer `niche' to make
healthy living a conscious choice and that there are
many ways to take responsibility for your own health
and wellbeing. We believe it's time to eschew the
`pill for every ill' mentality and take control of our
own `self-care' If we all did that, the NHS would be
less burdened, the economy would thrive due to
less work days lost and we would undoubtedly be
happier and healthier.
The `holistic' community has always
known the importance of mindset, but now even
conventional doctors say that attitude affects your
health and happy people have a stronger immune
system, what can be better than to get on board
with the simple tweaks you can make to your own
nutrition and personal care that will enable you
to feel well and know that you are contributing to
sustainability. (We believe that by taking the natural
approach the `eco' box gets ticked automatically)
So the Healthy Living Pop-Up will see a
variety of stalls, speakers and experts on a wide
variety of topics all connected to health and
wellbeing. Our first event is at Morrisons Harrow
in their great open space on Thursday 16th
November, we are thrilled that we are partnering
with UK Health Radio and Asian Voice magazine
and the charity supporting is #IF I CAN, their
aim is to provide support and practical help for
those affected by sudden change or crisis. Live
music at the event is from Hannah's yard. Its
especially important to be working with Morrisons
supermarket on this first event as they have been
incredibly supportive giving their excess food for
delivery, community cafes and sales for #IF I CAN.
I'll be giving a keynote talk, there will be lots
of experts around for Q and A, it's free to attend
(please tell your friends) but if you do register in
advance you will be guaranteed a goody bag full
of cool healthy products. See you there and if you'd
like to talk to us about organising a Healthy Living
Pop-Up in your area we look forward to speaking
with you.