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etting engaged and your wedding day
should be one of the happiest moments
of your life but they can very quickly be
overshadowed by wedding planning stress and
cause lots of debate and discussions and even
arguments to reach decisions that you are both
happy with.
Outside influences can also play a part in
this pre-wedding stress from people that mean
well such as family, friends, wedding planners and
wedding venues. No one wants to have a wedding
day that is a nightmare from hell, everyone wants
to enjoy that special day and to remember that
time in their life as a defining moment where you
have journeyed from singledom into coupledom
and you've taken that serious decision to spend the
rest of your life together.
Here are some tips and insights on how to overcome
these challenges together and still keep your
relationship intact:
The key thing to remember is that ultimately
your special day is about the two of you, it is
your day, your journey, your wedding, your
As much as you want to try and please everyone
(family members or friends), you won't be able
to. Somewhere at some point someone is going
to get upset about a choice or decision you have
made and that's ok (remember this is your day).
You will probably trigger each other too because
you have different preferences about colours,
menu choices, guest lists etc so be prepared
as you will hit speedbumps and it's perfectly
we're getting married!
by Paula Quinsee