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If you are trying to help someone with anxiety, here
are a few things to remember:
Often someone in an anxious state comes
across as distant or uncaring but this is not how they
are inside - they are feeling bad and preoccupied
and may not realise how they appear to others. It
doesn't mean they don't love or care about you.
Don't say their worries are silly or unfounded.
They are very real to them!
They may appreciate your help but not you
trying to change them. You cannot know how they
are feeling inside.
Never say `pull yourself together!' (I'm sure
you wouldn't !)
For those suffering from anxiety, getting
through the day is the important thing.
When you are in a situation that is causing
you to feel anxious - for example, worrying you
might be late for an appointment, or losing your
keys, ask yourself what would be the worst thing
that could happen? Most things can be overcome
even if they upset us at the time and cause an
inconvenience. You will find most people are
helpful if you are stuck in a minor predicament. Try
and reach out and have a light-hearted approach- it
is amazing how this will help an awkward situation
and make you feel more optimistic.
Even in more serious situations that would
make most people anxious, you will be surprised
how you will often find help and sympathy from
unexpected people or places.
Remember, anxiety doesn't define you.
Have a small item that you find comforting
and keep it with you. I have a few words on a scrap
of paper in my handbag written by my late mother
- it reads: `To my lovely girl -be happy. You will never
know how much I love you. Love Mum. `To know you
are loved or have been loved is more than uplifting.
It is at the core of everything.
YOU are loved. Yes you are - even if you doubt it.
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