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the biological and mental age. I began to reprogram
myself, and rid myself of the idea that a gradual
decline into unhealthy old age or early demise was
`normal' and inevitable.
But even today I notice that I'm constantly
confronted with this issue. Whether at my last class
reunion, where everybody was looking forward to
retirement, or when purchasing a train ticket, I am
asked: `What is your age? 1 to 59, or are you entitled to a
senior pass?' And in Switzerland, where I presently live,
every month the municipality sends me a calendar of
activities, like `senior painting' or `senior singing', as if
we could not imagine starting something new at any
? w
I have already talked about stem cell research.
This research especially, acts on the assumption
of immortality. Ken Wilber and others, who are
thoroughly exploring the progress in meditation
techniques and sciences are saying it ought to be self-
evident that we can live up to the age of 200 years. In
his book `Breaking the Death Habit' the author Leonard
Orr intended to verify if death is really a necessity or if
it is nothing but a belief (maybe a strong collective
subconscious one). So, he established as a rule for
himself that he would believe death was unnecessary
as soon as he was able to meet people who were 300
or older. He describes in his book how he met 8 people,
and the youngest of them was exactly 300! Basically,
he says in his book that the only belief we really have
to change, to dissolve or, to say it bluntly, we have to
kill, is the belief that we all have to die, for the purpose
of this belief is to kill us. So, who kills whom first!?
Now, when you're reading these lines, think
how you feel about it deep inside of you. Would it
really be ok for you to live a long life? Or even to be
immortal, if you'd care about your body?
In my book `Millionaire Spirit' I asked this question:
`If you're dreaming of a long life, is this really true?
Are you prepared to be the last apple on the tree?
Could you endure this situation? What would you
really be able to bear, if you seriously think about it?
Are you really ready to resolutely live for another 30,
40, 50 years? Or, depending on your current age, to
resolutely live until you're 120? Would you honestly
accept this or would it stress you?'
We all know that the subconscious mind
cannot differentiate between what is real and what
is unreal, it can only accept. So, what if we correctly
program ourselves to remain biologically young at any
chronological age and to train our inner awareness
in order to create a fitter, younger and more flexible
Could we be as firm as Martin Luther, who
said, `If I knew the world was to end tomorrow, I would
still plant an apple tree today'. In a wider sense, could
we also say: even if we knew that we'd have to die
tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, we still would
go to the gym today?
Another thing that has helped me
tremendously besides a new training routine, was
meeting a physician who offered me a completely
different point of view. Until then every visit to a
doctor's office and every blood test had produced the
same result: I was told that everything was fine and all
values were just average, or `normal'. It took a while for
me to understand that these doctors were comparing
me to the statistical average and were forcing me into
an average situation. But this is absolute nonsense!
I am unique because my system is unique. But they
had never examined my uniqueness, preferring to
compare me with a mass of average values rather
than a super healthy individual. What a tragedy to
compare oneself with the average!
Dr. Michael Spitzbart from Salzburg,
Austria, calls himself `doctor for the healthy' and
follows a completely different approach. He kindly
listened when I explained my story, but at first,
he wasn't really interested in it. He has a very simple
basic message: `Imagine a wooden barrel consisting of
47 staves and one of them is broken. Up to what level
can the barrel be filled?' I had never considered this
simple question because no doctor ever asked me
that. This is why I did all kinds of things, like eating a
healthy diet and swallowing great vitamins... I poured
everything in my barrel and wondered why I saw no
sign of improvement.
And surprisingly enough, just because my
barrel got fixed, things began to happen in my body
that I would have thought impossible. That's exactly
what we call self-healing. Our body, our inner system,
knows, that when we cut ourselves, it can repair that
cut all by itself. Our body can heal all kinds of things
when it is given the right overall conditions. When the