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If you'd like additional support around cancer
or prevention please do consider a consultation
with Jenny Phillips or myself, The Food Teacher.
Please contact The Food Teacher clinic for a free
About the Author:
Food Teacher, Katharine
Tate, has worked as a
teacher and education
consultant internationally
in primary and secondary
schools for over 20 years.
Qualified as a registered
nutritional therapist,
Katharine, combines her
unique education and
nutrition expertise to offer schools, organisations
and families advice, education programmes,
practical workshops, and individual/family clinical
consultations. Katharine also presents The Food
Teacher show on UK Health Radio where she
discusses the importance of food for health and
Cookery for Primary Schools'. Look out for The Food
Teacher at Food Festivals and events throughout
the country during 2017.
In jenny's book, `Eat to OUTSMART Cancer'
she has created a plan that focuses on all the foods
you can eat such as eggs, pulses, vegetables, fruits,
nuts, seeds, nut milk and animal products. Her book
also contains a selection of recipes packed full of
goodness with a couple of favourites being her nut
chocolate brownies and chicken and mango curry
with turmeric. Her plan is suitable for everyone and
works for the whole family as a sustainable way of
life. To support engagement to this approach
Jenny recommends that
people read nutritional
books, try out new
recipes and meet with a
nutritional therapist. It's
important individuals
take responsibility for
their health, monitor
signs and symptoms
and keep an eye on
weight, waist size,
digestive health and
stress levels. Any
concerns should be
flagged with your
Registered nutritional therapists, which
can be found through The British Association for
Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT),
are able to support individuals through functional
tests which can support early detection of potential
imbalances. These can include stool tests and testing
oestrogen metabolism. A nutritional therapist, such
as Jenny can also recommend suitable supplements
to support balance.
To listen to this interview in full visit The Food
Teacher interviews on UK Health Radio.
To find out more about Jenny Phillips an How to
Outsmart Cancer visit: