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Jojoba oil
contains myristic acid which
has anti-inflammatory action and can be
blended with other oils.
is used widely as an anti-
inflammatory, in Silvan products it is used in oil
form to help with pain and swelling associated
with bruises, aches, sprains and muscle pain.
is regarded as a sacred herb
in many civilisations and has been used widely
for food, medicine and magic. It can invigorate,
stimulate, revive and increase circulation in
tired muscles.
is used as a traditional
household remedy in Australia. The oil is used
for aching joints and to refresh tired muscles
oil is used by Tibetans as
incense and in their traditional medicine. It has
soothing and grounding properties and to ease
the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism.
Pine oil
has been used traditionally
to support slow healing wounds, arthritis,
rheumatism and more generally for muscle
aches and pains and poor circulation.
can increase the efficacy of
other oils it is blended with. It's reviving and
soothing at the same time and has a positive
effect on muscle ache, pain and injury.
Enjoy all these ingredients and more in the Silvan
Cool Massage and Body Oil.