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hen was the last time you treated yourself
to a really good massage? I'm not a fan
of the `rough touch' type of massage, I
believe it can be gentle and still effective with the
right therapist and the right oils. I'm a big fan of
aromatherapy oils for the face hair and body and
they must be totally natural ingredients to soothe
my tired muscles.
Marian Hardiman is a holistic massage
therapist and the founder of Silvan Skincare
based in the Welsh Borders, They hand blend their
products in small batches using fresh organic and
sustainable ingredients, they're all formulated
without mineral oils, petrochemicals, parabens and
no artificial fragrance, colourings or sls is added.
Marian believes that massage practitioners
must really understand muscles, she sees a lot
muscles that are working too hard due to poor
posture, maybe work or lifestyle patterns, emotional
holding or just habit. Marian says...'Muscles don't
stand alone... they attach to tendons, are encased
in fascia, protected by skin, enervated by nerves. It's
not just the muscles but all the soft tissues working
together to create movement. Problems occur in
muscles (and other soft tissue) when they become
inflamed, torn, held short, long, strong, weak, they
may be in spasm or in a process of atrophy' Marian
offers her suggestions for therapeutic ingredients
for healing, unwinding and re-balancing.
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