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ave your ever wondered about the health
benefits of writing and sharing your story?
They do say we all have a book in us, and
it's well documented that writing can be very
therapeutic. I work with many people who tell me
they want to share their story, whether to inspire
others, promote their business, or just to document
their experiences for their family as their legacy.
So often the feeling is that it's too massive
a task, it will take too long and be daunting, but
the reality with a good strategy it can be relatively
painless to write your book, especially if the right
planning is in place. The Book MidwifeŽ is a book
coaching company founded in 2002 by multi-
award-winning entrepreneur Mindy Gibbins-Klein.
The company helps individuals to get their books
done better and faster, and with more clarity and
Their philosophy is that "Every book
deserves to be written and published" and using
their own proven process they have helped over
one thousand individuals with their book projects,
with over 700 already in print!
In 2005, the company registered The Book
MidwifeŽ as a global trademark, securing its special
place in the coaching and personal development
world and in 2010, The Book MidwifeŽ began
training and certifying Licensed Practitioners who
coach clients according to the proven methodology
that has helped so many people get their book out
of their head and into print.
Mindy suggests you come to them at the
start of the project and then with careful planning
it can be a part-time experience (you will need a
bunch of hours every week) and it can be completed
within 90 days. Mindy had one client who decided
she must take a year off work to write her book, she
did exactly that, but the book still wasn't completed!
Find your message and plan to share it with the
world. If it is a personal story, do be careful not to be
self-indulgent, you are walking a fine line between
sharing your experience and offering inspiration
or encouragement to others. Don't fall into the
trap of thinking that it's not worth doing your book
because of all the others out there on a similar
subject, indeed there are thousands of books on
every topic, but there's only one YOU, and once you
get clarity on your USP that's when you can really
make a difference.