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t's the time of year to get out into the garden
but beware the beasties and the allergies!
Keep the insects at bay naturally, as someone
who used to get bitten a lot I am thrilled to have
discovered the range by Incognito, The Anti
Mosquito Insect Repellent spray (theres also a
roll-on and a room refresher) is Deet free, protects
against mosquitoes and other insects and has been
tested to be one hundred per cent effective against
mosquito bites. If you are travelling it's a handy 100
ml container so can go in hand luggage.
This time of year often brings with
it allergic reactions. Hayfever is
caused by the immune system
believing pollen is a pathogen
but if we boost our immunity it
can help to restore balance, it's
important to do it naturally.
Harness the power of traditional
herbal remedies and plants. I'm
trying the body boost tonic from
Real Remedies, it's a fiery blend which contains
apple cider vinegar, honey, red chilli, turmeric
and more...Who- oah - I'm hoping to ward off
Talking of the power of
herbs and spices, I'm
sure you've seen the
trendy Turmeric lattes
popping up in coffee
shops, make your own
healthy Turmeric drink at
home with the fabulous
new Turmerlicious. Made
from a delicate blend of
coconut milk, turmeric,
ginger, cinnamon, a hint
of black pepper, and coconut blossom nectar which
gives a lovely sweetness. Just add water for an
instant hot drink, which is caffeine free and contains
a daily dose of health boosting turmeric. Choose
from vanilla, ginger, chocolate or chilli choc...
Give your skin a
seasonal treat too
check out the Seasonal
Face Cream with Flower
Essences, Q10 and
Vitamin A from Rhythm
of Beauty
This unique cream uses
the signature of the
season's botanicals to
work in synergy with the skin, a complete nutritious
cocktail of superfoods to uplift and boost, and
release facial tension and stress. Great to help
soothe redness and reduce the appearance of
broken veins with its pure oils and essences.
Look after hard working
`gardening' hands
If you are using your hands a
lot make sure you look after
them using completely
natural ingredients. AEOS
products are one hundred
per cent natural and
biodymically farmed so totally in tune with the
seasons. Try this oil in a handy pen style application.
It's rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and
antioxidants, biodynamic poppy, sunflower and
spelt oil for the ultimate nurturing therapy. AEOS
oils are harnessed with CO2 extraction methods
to maintain their full potency and regular use will
keep hands and nails beautiful.