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ordana Biernat is a thinker,
writer and a speaker. Oprah
Winfrey has recently named
Gordana a SuperSoul100
Teacher and included her on the
SuperSoul100 list of world leading
visionaries and awakened leaders who,
in Oprah's words, are "connecting to the
world with values and spiritual energy
that matters".
Gordana is also a wisdom
Mypowertalk) where she shares her
truths and thoughts about who we
are and why we are here on a daily
basis with an audience of over 320 000
In her upcoming book
(published by Hay House on September
5th) "#KnowTheTruth - Why Knowing
Who You Are Changes Everything", she
offers surprising truths about what
reality is and who we truly are. Gordana
also explores the nature of desires,
the purpose of memories, the illusion
of beliefs and the real reason we have
an ego. She talks about the difference
between conscious and unconscious
manifestation and the role daydreams
play in the creation of our reality. But
most of all she talks about our true
nature and who we all are behind
the conditioned beliefs and mind
constructs placed upon us before we
even could speak.
You have said:
Your life becomes the story you
believe it to be...
Gordana, what does your life story say?
As long as you are breathing you can change your stars...
No matter where you were born, no matter what kind of obstacles your past has brought you, no matter
what problems you are facing, your reality can change to the better. Always!
I know this for sure, because I was born into a challenging environment where I had to dodge