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in very weak dilutions. Always use this floral water
fresh and do not store beyond 5 days.
How to use the floral water
Drizzle some of your home made floral water onto
organic cotton wool pads and dab it onto your face
after removing your makeup. Floral waters can also
be used in a gentle face spritz to perk up your skin
in the middle of the day (don't forget to close your
eyes!). If you have some left over floral water and
you need to finish using the batch quickly, pour it
into your bath for a delicate decadent treat.
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appearing in the bottom of the bowl/jug too,
this is your floral water! Replace the saucepan
lid and if necessary add more ice on top.
Re-check every 5 minutes (try not to let too
much steam escape each time!).
When the water level has significantly reduced
switch off the heat and allow the saucepan to
cool down before you open it up to remove the
bowl/jug. You may still need to wear heatproof
gloves when you do this.
Tip the contents of the bowl or jug through
a fine sieve into your pre sterilised jam jar or
bottle, cap for a tight seal and apply your label.
Congratulations, this is your floral water.
You can use this floral water as soon as it is
completely cold. It will keep fresh in the fridge for
upto 5 days.
How it works
The steam that rises to the top of the saucepan will
contain the essential oils that have been extracted
from the plant. When the rising steam meets the
ice-chilled lid it condenses back into water and
trickles down the inside of the upside down pan lid,
dripping into the bowl waiting below.
Changing the recipe
Other flowers that make terrific floral waters are
lavender, peppermint or rosemary. These generate
floral waters that are a lot stronger so only use
about 25g of plant materials per 300ml of water.
If you find that your floral water is too weak
add more plant materials next time. If it is too strong
dilute it before use with a little extra distilled/spring
water. Add more water to your saucepan next time
you make a batch
Although floral waters are suitable for most
skin types please patch test the floral water you have
made BEFORE applying it to your face. Essential
oils can cause irritation or allergic reactions, even
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