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t's a non-invasive therapy based on the idea
that certain pressure points in the feet relate to
different organs and systems of the body.
I first studied Reflexology twenty years ago,
after being interested in it for many years but never
getting round to doing anything about it.
Anyone can learn the different massage
techniques used in this ancient complementary
therapy. But there's more! The therapist needs a
thorough understanding of human anatomy and
physiology. They have to be `in tune' with their client
and ask the right questions to piece together their
life-style, giving the therapist the big picture and
enabling them to give the best treatment possible.
Over the years I have had great success treating
clients suffering from asthma, urinary problems,
depression, frozen shoulder, insomnia, migraines
and of course stress. The treatment they received
helped their bodies to heal themselves.
I don't have anything wrong with me,
should I still have it?
Absolutely! You can have a one-off treatment or
book a course of sessions. You will experience a
deeper relaxation with each session, more intense
than you ever thought possible, and an increase in
your energy levels. If you choose to have regular
sessions of this remarkable holistic treatment, you
will be giving your body one of the kindest presents
How do I find a qualified reflexologist?
There are directories of qualified, registered
reflexologists or ask friends if they can recommend
one. Sometimes if you book several appointments
in advance you may get a discount.
What can I expect from my first session?
If you are being treated by your doctor for anything
you will need to get the go-ahead from him first.
This is not only to protect yourself but your therapist
too. Your reflexologist will give you a thorough
consultation. The more in-depth the questions,
the more beneficial your treatment will be. Expect
to be quizzed on everything including your sleep
patterns, diet, and yes, I'm afraid your toilet habits.
Reflexology is a very powerful treatment. I
remember one of my clients felt so exhausted the
day following his first session that he couldn't go to
work! It is a good idea to have nothing strenuous
planned following your first session, just in case.
If this does happen to you, don't panic, it's a good
sign, and as you progress through your sessions any
tiredness will turn into extra energy and a sense of
Shirley Ledlie is a wife, mum,
former Bella Magazine columnist
and author. Lives in France.
Interested in everything holistic.
Cancer survivor and a passionate
advocate for Patient Rights.
What is Reflexology?
by Shirley Ledlie
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