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'm sure like me you shed a tear or two at the
recent passing of Louise Hay, founder of Hay
House publishing author of the multimillion
selling book You can Heal your life, she left an
incredible legacy as did Wayne Dyer two years
before. I read many of the tributes to her, and found
it interesting to focus for a while on the one thing
that's a certainty for us all. We are all going to die.
Meanwhile though, we're living 20 or more
years longer than our grandparents - with better
health and higher expectations. Many of us are `Baby
boomers' - the generation who invented teenagers,
sex and youth culture and we are entering Act3 -
and retirement as we know it is dead.
Lycra-clad 70 year-olds are leaving ordinary
cyclists exhausted on the hills. People are starting
businesses and new careers in their 60s. There are
proposals in Japan to raise the retirement age to
75. The reality is, we`ve a whole extra adult life to
look forward to. Yet, we're unprepared for it. There's
no plan. It doesn't even have a name. Enter into
the frame life coaches and authors Judy and Adrian
Reith who have coined a name for this stage - They
call it Act3.
They've written a book Act3 How To
Have A Better Life After 50 in which they provide
a structured, step-by-step plan for all areas of life:
Health, Home, Money, Work, Relationships, dealing
with the World we live in, and Purpose or Meaning.
They suggest that Act3 should be our best
act yet but that's only likely to be the case if we've
made a plan, and acted on it. Change will happen
to us anyway (hello death).
In their workshops Judy and Adrian quote
palliative care worker Bronnie Ware who shares `The
Top 5 Regrets of the Dying." They are:
1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to
myself, not the life others expected of me
2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard
3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings
4. I wish I'd stayed in touch with my friend
5. I wish I had let myself be happier
Judy and Adrian suggest we take control long
before the inevitable. The Act3 aim: get to the end
of life with no regrets.
How cool if our last words were...'
woo woo...what a ride!'
Act3 - How To Live A Better Life
After 50 will be published by
the crowd funding publisher
Unbound so you can pledge
and order the book in advance
and be included.
How To Have
A Better Life After
by Janey Lee Grace
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