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better body = better mind = better game
We want the best quality of nutrition to fuel our
body! We need a Natural Health Revolution to help
us naturally nourish, naturally restore and naturally
condition our body! Zija has created a proprietary
blend that incorporates several different efficacious
parts of the Moringa tree. By combining Moringa
leaves, seeds and fruit, Zija can maximize Moringa
nutrition in the products. The picture on the right
shows the approximate amount of Moringa leaves
used in one serving of SuperMix.
SuperMix provides and improves mental
and cognitive clarity via many amino acids and
B vitamins and therefore is the preferred non-
addictive choice for us who are seeking sustained
all-natural energy! And the great thing about it is,
that all the plant's ingredients work in harmony and
a,ffect our body on a cell level. It has everything we
need to nourish our bodies.
Just add it to your daily food and you will soon feel
the difference.
Get the products for yourself, give your body a fuel
with which it can live long, happy and healthy!
And we also invite you to share the Natural Health
Revolution and to join the movement to help us
make people aware that they HAVE a choice!
Julia Bauer,
extremely fit, enjoys an
active lifestyle. She comes
from a background in
Economics and worked in a
Career Consultancy. Sitting
at a desk daily, she began
to experience more mental fog, physical pain and loss
of motivation which lead to financial disappointment
and boredom. She stopped doing sports because of no
energy. After using the SuperMix and other Zija-Products,
she upgraded every aspect of her life. She loved them so
much, she began teaching about health and the great
products. Julia now specializes in team building and
development supporting every individual to reach their
personal and financial goals.
Wolfgang Sonnenburg,
once a successful lawyer
working long hours and not
taking care of his body needs,
became unhealthy, felt overly
tired and gained a lot of
unhealthy weight. He was
introduced to Zija and began
using the SuperMix , plant
protein and XM products and
instantly noticed a difference and came back to being
alive again. In 9 months, he reduced his metabolic age by
27 years! This caused him to realize that the chronological
age doesn't really matter as much as the mental and
biological age. He will be 66 on his next birthday and he
has more energy and strength now and is at a healthier
weight then when he was in his 40's. Wolfgang shares
his experience and these life changing products with
everyone so they can experience the amazing benefits as
Patty Wilson has an
extensive background as
an Entrepreneur, Certified
Fitness & Nutrition Specialist,
Wellness Advocate and True
Abundance Coach. She
understands that proper
nutrition is key in developing
a healthy body, a healthy
mind and a healthy soul! Patty has seen many products
on the market that are just not good for you as many have
added artificial ingredients. When she was introduced to
the plant protein and XM products she knew immediately
that this was a quality product because it was all natural
and no added fillers. She loves and takes the products
and recommends to all!
We are all coming from different backgrounds,
different experiences and different generations, but
we have one thing in common:
And we know: IF WE CAN DO IT,