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The timing, type, combination, and consist-
ency of foods you eat and supplements you take
can influence your energy levels. When putting in
gas, wouldn't you make sure you put the best fuel
you put into the car, knowing that if the car receives
the wrong fuel it breaks down? Why do we take
care more for our cars than we do for our bodies, for
Comparing your body to a car is a great anal-
ogy. If you treat it right, give it the right fuel, and
keep it running strong, it'll last longer. If our system
continually gets the wrong "fuel" it will eventually
break down! Our body can only handle the wrong
fuel for a certain period of time but over time we
begin losing energy, develop higher blood-sugar
levels, experience more depression, laziness, and
slowly diseases come to the surface and spread fast.
The way we were brought up and our paradigms
about food aka "fuel" and health in general play
a big role in why our thought process in this area
can be complicated. Because of monetary benefits,
many pharmaceutical companies neglect to inform
us of natural alternatives that mother nature has
created and how simply natural supplementation
and food can be used to change our lives for the
Remember, "Health is Wealth". If your body isn't
healthy and fuelled properly there's not much
else you'll be able to do.
Fuelling your body with proper nutrition are
important components to living a healthier you!
In Amazon you find books calling this tree
"Miracle Tree".
Moringa oleifera is one of nature's most
healthy and nutritious foods. There are countless
studies that describe the benefits of Moringa, one of
the most potent plants in the world. The Himalayan
mountains are the origin of this plant.
Not all
is created equal!
Life Unlimited
Be aware not to buy products which only
have the Moringa leaves in it, or which are mixed
with green tea. We want the best and highest
quality for our body! We want to give our bodies
the right fuel!
To ensure the highest quality possible, all
of Zija's Moringa trees are grown on proprietary
farms in hot, dry climates where they thrive. They
are raised without chemicals, harvested carefully by
hand, and then shade dried, ensuring that essential
nutrients remain intact.