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t's a veritable minefield out there when it comes
to deciphering the daily, multitudinous messages
thrown at us when it comes to our food and our
health. How do we make the best decisions for ourselves,
our clients and our families that genuinely will optimise
our health for the long-term?
Despite the surfeit of mainstream contradictions,
the answer really is straightforward: learn how to cook
simple recipes using real ingredients and ensure the
information that informs your food and nutrition choices
comes from reliable, evidence-based sources.
teach you how to adapt your favourite meals to cater
to specific health conditions and arm you with the
science-backed information you need to make informed
decisions about the food you eat and the advice you
follow every day, thus enabling you to take back control
of your own health and inspire your friends and clients
to do the same.
The Sano Diploma in Culinary Medicine offers
you a grounding in how your body utilises food and
uses what you feed it to either fight or fuel disease. The
course is comprised of seven modules - cardiovascular
health, immune health, digestive health, joint and bone
health, skin health, mood and food and diabetes &
metabolic syndrome - each of which teaches you how
to easily create tasty recipes which cater to specific areas
of health to prevent disease.
Dale Pinnock's Salmon with Carrot Puree and
Garlic Spinach recipe, for example, has been curated to
cater specifically to improving heart health and immunity
using the nutritional and physiological knowledge and
cooking skills you will acquire as you progress through
the modules:
Food and our Health
Sano School of Culinary Medicine founders Dale Pinnock,
The Medicinal Chef, and Heather Richards of EatingforLifeUK